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Karnataka porngate: TV channels questioned over Assembly coverage

The Legislature committee probing the porngate episode on Thursday decided to summon three MLAs who had to quit as Ministers following the scandal, even as its decision to first question the television channels which aired the footage has sparked a controversy.

Presidential clemency must not be political game

The Asian Human Rights Commission on Wednesday accused the Bangladesh president of ‘misusing constitutional texts’ to fit the requirements of the ruling political regime and said that the presidential clemency must not be a political game.

India takes up detention of fishermen with Maldives

India on Thursday said it has taken up the issue of detention of 11 Indian fishermen by Maldivian Navy with Maldives and was working for a "swift" resolution.

Repercussions of the 11th match in the Commonwealth Bank series.

The 11th match in the Commonwealth Bank series in Australia was a must win game for both Sri Lanka and India in order to qualify for the final matches against Australia. The stakes were higher for India than Sri Lanka as they had to win the game in order to keep them in the series.

Drunk driving could result in Rs 5000 fine

The Union Cabinet on Thursday approved the proposed changes in the Motor Vehicle Act. This paves way for passing the legislation in Parliament to increase penalty on traffic rule violators across the country.

Was Kevin Rudd’s ouster as Prime Minister of Australia a deliberate regime change manoeuvre?

Senator Mark Arbib’s resignation as a Minister in the Julia Gillard cabinet, and from the Senate, soon after Kevin Rudd’s failure to regain the leadership of the Labour party, and therefore the Prime Ministership, has raised more questions than answers in Australian politics.

Case against President Rakapaksa dismissed by US Court

A U.S. federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed against Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa noting that President Rajapaksa is immune from lawsuits as a sitting Head of State.

The world is poorer without them.....

During a recent ‘Hard Talk’ program in the BBC, the UN’s former chief weapon inspector, Hans Blix was asked why Saddam Hussein of Iraq acted as if he had the weapons of mass destruction despite the fact that he did not have any. Blix with a sarcastic smile replied ‘there are some who hang the board ‘Beware of dog’ never had any dog, but it served as a deterrent and it really worked too’.

Bon voyage India- Sri Lanka is through to the finals!: Commonwealth Bank Series

Sri Lanka won by 9 runs against Australia in the 12th and final league match in the Commonwealth Bank series at Melbourne securing their spot in the best of three final matches of the CB series.