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Channel 4 has timed it and released the second video recycling the old footage as new evidence

Sri Lankan has come on the firing line at the United Nations Human Rights Council by America and the European Union regarding alleged war crimes committed during the final stages of the 2009 battle against the notorious terrorist outfit - Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Sri Lanka VS England Test series 2012 - Sri Lanka needs “little magic” in Spin

Sri Lanka is now heading to meet England for series of two test matches. This is indeed a important as England ranked as number one in test cricket at the moment.

Sri Lanka Condemns the Imposition of Collective Punishment Palestinians

Sri Lanka Ambassador Tamara Kunanayakam participating in the General Debate on the Human Rights Situation in Palestine and other Occupied Arab Territories said Sri Lanka condemns the settlement campaign in the West Bank, blockade of the Gaza Strip, detention and imprisonment of thousands of Palestinian people, and other measures of collective punishment against the Palestinian people, constituting serious breaches of international humanitarian law and violations of human rights law and UN resolutions.

Dr. Manmohan Singh’s speech in the Lok Sabah was meant only for ‘Domestic Consumption’

Dr. Manmohan Singh’s reference regarding Sri Lanka and the US sponsored resolution at the 19th session of the UN Human Rights Councils conference was just meant for domestic consumption and nothing else, told an Indian diplomat to Asian Tribune.

Sri Lanka is aware of India’s “inclinations”

“As regards the issue of a draft resolution initiated by the United States at the on-going 19th Session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, we do not yet have the final text of the Resolution. However, I may assure the House that we (India) are inclined to vote in favor of a Resolution, that, we hope, will advance our objective, namely, the achievement of the future for the Tamil community in Sri Lanka that is marked by equality, dignity, justice and self-respect.” Thus spoke India’s Prime Minister on 19 March 2012.

DMK tactics come under fire

The DMK’s arm-twisting tactics that has apparently led to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh indicating that India might for a resolution against Sri Lanka at the UNHCR meet in Geneva has come in for criticism by New Delhi’s top-selling newspaper The Hindustan Times.