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UNCHRC Resolution aftermath: Inconvenient truths and possible diplomatic remedies

For committed partisans, it's always fun to denounce the ignorance of the other side's voters. Unfortunately, partisan activists tend to ignore the inconvenient truth that their own party's voters are just as bad - Ilya Somin, Associate professor of law at George Mason University and author of the bookDemocracy and Political Ignorance

UK back in recession: the rest of Europe is not far behind

If we go by the most quoted definition of recession – two consecutive quarters of negative growth - the United Kingdom, technically speaking, is back in recession. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development said this week that the economy shrank by 0.1% - and for the second successive quarter in a row – rattling the political establishment to its core while heralding a frightening era of uncertainty.

Journalist in Israeli bomb blast case seeks bail, warns of suicide

Journalist Syed Mohammed Ahmad Kazmi, arrested for his alleged role in the February 13 bomb attack at an Israeli diplomat car, sought bail from a Delhi court on Saturday pleading that he "should not be pushed to the point of committing suicide."

Letter from America: The Pornography of Violence – 2

I am not surprised either to learn about the My Lai style murderous orgy executed by a U.S. Army Sgt. Robert Bales (38) on March 11 in Afghanistan that killed 17 innocent Afghans. Nine of the dead were children; some others were women and elderly men. The bodies of some of the victims were set on fire.

Convicted ex-Punjab Minister gets royal treatment in jail

Hardly a few hours after her conviction and arrest on Friday evening, former Punjab Cabinet minister Jagir Kaur continued to wield political influence even as a prisoner of law.

The Ship of Fools

24 hours before adopting the resolution on Sri Lanka, the UNHCR approved, with a mammoth majority, another country specific resolution on Israel.

Suu Kyi says poll will not be fair : Democracy icon claims violence, irregularities

Myanmar pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi said Friday that by-elections to be held this weekend would not be completely democratic, sounding a note of caution over her bid for a seat in parliament.

Tamil Grievances – how real are they?

In a country as small as Sri Lanka where over 14.8m of the 20m population are Sinhalese and possibly less than 10% are Sri Lankan Tamils, a question never answered is what are these grievances that the Sri Lankan Tamils finds exclusively to be theirs and how much of these grievances are relevant to the present.

Parliamentary by-elections begins in Myanmar

A multi-party parliamentary by- elections began across Myanmar Sunday morning at 6 a.m. local time with over 6.4 million eligible voters of 45 constituencies starting to go to polls and cast votes at respective polling booths.