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Has the UN maintained International Peace and Security?

A noble endeavor to stop another world war from taking place through the creation of a world body known by us as United Nations has undoubtedly disappointed us all.

Staring into Fiscal Abyss – the European way

The Greeks are going to the polls today and the world – countries within Europe and beyond - is awaiting its outcome with nail-biting patience. The stakes cannot be any higher for Greece, eurozone and of course, the entire world, as no country in the globalized village is immune from the seismic shocks that could potentially stem from the crisis zone in the next few weeks, regardless of the position in terms of its political, geographical or economical association with the epicentre of the crisis, Greece.

Prez poll: Speculation on Mamata’s next move

Political circles are speculating on Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee’s next move as the Congress-led UPA has virtually isolated the key ally.

Thamil Natham – the new Tamil news daily to hit the stand soon

Thamil Natham will be the new Tamil news daily which is expected to hit the stand soon in Jaffna and in other parts of Vanni.

BJP divided on Presidential nominee

In another twist in the Presidential poll race, political sources said on Saturday that the main opposition BJP may not, after all, back Pranab Mukherjee for the President’s post as was being speculated.

Crown Prince Of Saudi Arabia Nayef Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud Passed Away

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia passed away on Saturday according to an announcement of the Saudi Royal Court.

Matthew Lee; Blogging His Way Into Infamy

The first blogger ever accredited to the United Nations (no one knows how or why?) is facing problems due to his dubious and agenda driven “reporting”. Expulsion from the UNCA, barring from the UN and prosecution before the courts are only some of them.

UN Report: Israeli Brutality in Gaza under Blockade

Will Obama able to stop Israeli brutality against innocent Palestinian people in his next tenure? It is the question in every individual who respect humanity. According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Israeli forces have killed nearly 2,300 Palestinians and injured 7,700 in Gaza over the last five years. Some 27 percent of the fatalities in Gaza were women and children, the UN agency said in a report highlighting the effects of Israel's blockade.

Sri Lanka Investment: Help Rebuild Sri Lanka Envoy Urges Malaysian Investors

Sri Lanka rebuild the country, which has been vastly affected by three decades of civil war, said Sri Lanka's High Commissioner to Malaysia, K. Godage.

Letter from America: An Open Letter to Daw Suu Kyi of Burma

Dear Daw Suu Kyi,
For more than a decade, as a concerned human rights activist, I have worked towards release of political prisoners like you and democratization of Burma (Myanmar).