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Keeping Gates Open to a New Flushed Toilet

The interest shown by Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder and the world’s most famous philanthropist, in a revolutionized flushed toilet - a fairly reliable indicator of the relative global prosperity - and the overwhelmingly- positive response that it generated from the scientific community, clearly show that the humble device is not just for getting rid of what is not digested; on the contrary, it can also be a place to digest the acceptable, the unacceptable or even mentally harmonize the two in notoriously-complex, culturally-polarized human defecation process, in order to come up with something ingenious.

Letter from America: Human Migration (Part 2)

As we have already noted the ‘pull’ factor of migration is often related to economic considerations to seek out a better quality of life. Better economic prospective has always pulled many people throughout history to move to newer territories.

Courageous China – An Example of Commitment

London Olympics 2012 the greatest event in the planet, participated by the finest athletes from around the globe ended with a grand ceremonial evening on August 12, 2012 elated with tears of exciting happiness and a spirit of sportsmanship reminiscing its theme - Faster, Higher, Stronger.

Burma forms an ‘Investigation Commission’ concerning the Rakhine standoff

Burma has formed of an ‘Investigation Commission’ for an independent inquiry into recent horrific sectarian violence in the Rakhine state, which the United Nations human rights envoy to Burma said was the country’s one of various human rights challenges at present.

Sacred Kapilavastu Relics Arriving In Sri Lanka

During the landmark State Visit of President Mahinda Rajapaksa to India in June 2010, it was decided that the 2600th year of the attainment of enlightenment of Prince Siddharatha as Gautama Buddha (Sambuddhatva Jayanthi) will be commemorated by India and Sri Lanka through joint activities.

The Divineguma Bill: The Latest Power-Grab of the Rajapaksa Siblings

The Rajapaksas are world class, and more, when it comes to building innocuous facades to hide insalubrious realties.

Women suffer more with rising trade globalization

In an increasingly globalised world, the impact of trade and investment liberalisation is an important area of policy focus. With the emergence of bilateral free trade and investment agreements and clamour for more and more foreign direct investment, all in the name of economic growth, the gender impact of these policies is changing and impacting women’s roles in society.

Ramadan Prayers in Palestine to bless Sri Lanka and President Mahinda Rajapaksa

This year too the Dawa Center at Beit Our in Palestine held a special Iftar and a prayer meeting on 13th August to bless Sri Lanka and President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Julian Assange Asylum by Equador: monumental political crisis in the offing

By citing the threat to his human rights, Ecuador granted political asylum to Julian Assange, much to the dismay of Foreign and Commonwealth Office of Britain. The announcement came amidst a war of words between the two countries over the issue – at official level.

Sri Lanka needs a Customer-Centric Public Sector

A country’s public sector is essentially the key component that lays the foundation to the successful journey of a country. It is the effectiveness of the public sector that enables the citizens to carry on with their lives irrespective of the nuances that take place politically either internally and externally.

India-China Factor in Asia

The extent to which the leaders handling India-Sri Lanka affairs have mishandled the situation is evident by the fact that whilst the entire country is in agreement that India should have no piece of the peace dividend, opening too many doors to India has left India demanding more than it deserves and projecting itself as an aggrieved party for not been given what it should not deserve in the first place.