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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 104

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Obama gets unexpected accolades from Romney camp on debates

With less than a week before the key presidential debate, President Obama got unexpected accolades from the Romney camp. In a memo sent to surrogates today, Romney Senior Adviser Beth Myers sets the expectations for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney low — very low — compared to the “ample rhetorical gifts” of his opponent.

Who “Ruins the Chances of Reconciliation?”

This refers to The Island editorial yesterday (26 September 2012) on basically the same title without the question: Who? It may be in order to caution the FUTA (the Federation of University Teachers’ Associations) of any possible deviation or adventure, given the subtle machinations that the government and more particularly the Minister in charge are hatching with the hope of crushing the legitimate demands of the academics which are the concerns of the general public at large on education and higher education.

Students Courage: Reconciliation for Sustainable Peace

It’s been three years since the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) has been militarily defeated and the three decade old armed conflict has officially come to an end. Since then ‘reconciliation’ has become the key operative word in socio-political discourses in post war Sri Lanka. It is today the main apprehension of both state and non state actors operating in the island.

Burma holds Public Service Media Conference supporting democratic values

Burma held ‘Conference on Public Service Media’ at Inya Lake Hotel, on 25-26 September, according to the state-run news media. It seems to be a fresh start under the new Information Minister.

1st CISM Asia Military Parachuting Championship and Indonesia Military Parachuting

A combined Defence Services Parachuting Team representing the Ministry of Defence and Urban Development participated at the 1st CISM Asia Military Parachuting Championship and Indonesia Military Parachuting Open 2012. The Team was assisted by the Sri Lanka Mission in Jakarta.

Apex court warns it can stop Kudankulam operation for public safety

The Supreme Court on Thursday made it clear that it can stop commissioning of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant if it finds that the mandatory safety requirements for it have not been in place.

Never Fall In Love With Technology...

….So said Dr Mitchell Warren, Executive Director of AVAC: Global Advocacy for HIV Prevention, in an exclusive interview given to CNS onsite at the AIDS Vaccine 2012. Underlining the importance of understanding the complexities of science and community, he emphasized that -

Sri Lanka & the European Union signs the Horizontal Air Services Agreement

Sri Lanka and the European Union today (27 September 2012) signed the Agreement between the European Union and the Government of Sri Lanka on Certain Aspects of Air Services, which is commonly known as the 'Horizontal' Air Services Agreement, at the European Council in Brussels, Belgium.

Hundreds of Muslims protest at American Centre in Kolkata

Hundreds of Muslims today marched towards the American Centre in Kolkata to protest against an anti-Islam video and to demand that the US authorities apologise for it.

US Policy Options Towards Burma

As Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the avatar of democracy spends her last day in Washington on her 17 day U S tour, I am very worried about US policy options towards Burma.

U.S. Drone attacks cause mass trauma among civilians, says two American universities

Two prestigious American universities, Stanford law School and New York university Law School, following an extensive investigative-research project have declared in a joint report that the near constant presence of CIA drones ‘terrorizes’ much of the civilian population of Pakistan’s tribal areas.