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Escalating Patent Wars: Is truth still the first casualty?

Once again, the stage is set for Apple and Samsung to lock their horns in the patent arena, much to the befuddlement of respective fans - and haters - of the two companies alike.

The Witch-Trail of a Chief Justice

Before the term witch-trial entered public discourse as synonymous with injustice and persecution, women who were accused of being witches by their enemies were tried by their accusers, found guilty by their accusers and burnt at the stake by their accusers.

Director General of the BBC Unceremoniously Quits

George Entwistle, the director general of the BBC, was forced to resign after the corporation that he led dismally failed to deal with a major scandal involving the broadcasting giant.

Chief Justice impeachment; Boomerangs can come back

Impeaching and dismissing a Chief Justice is very serious business. It is not just a Chief Justice that is being dismissed. It is about supremacy in a battle between two institutions, the Executive and the Judiciary, a battle for supremacy and power between these two institutions.

Burma Army keeps on operation while Kachin peace talks go nowhere

Last round of peace talks on 30 October between government of Burma and the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) reached nowhere to end current hostility, according to media reports.

What Killed Vedavalli - TB Or Sheer Negligence Of Doctors?

58 years is no age to die. Yet Radha Rangaswamy’s mother Vedavalli died of tuberculosis (TB) in the last week of October 2012 precisely at that age. Her only fault seemed to be her undaunted faith in the public health system of India (the Government DOTS programme) which proved to be her undoing.

News reaching Lankan expatriates is not good….

Sri Lankan expatriates in the gulf are really saddened by the news flashed on the electronic and print media abroad. The first sad news to reach them was the impeachment of the Chief Justice of the island nation, who was the first ever lady to hold that position.

Letter from America: Genocide of the Rohingyas of Myanmar – Part 2 All Over Arakan It’s Bosnia Again!

In a meeting (in which I was invited to speak on the Rohingya problem) held in Luton (located 30 miles north of London), UK, on October 13, a British MP mentioned close parallel between what is happening today against the Rohingya Muslims in Arakan and what happened in Bosnia in the early 1990s against the Bosnian Muslims. He is right.

Call For A Comprehensive Approach To Childhood Pneumonia - Lung Week 12-17 November

According to the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union), child pneumonia remains a major threat to children under 5 years of age despite the great potential of the pneumococcal vaccine.

A Strong Earthquake Hit Central Myanmar Early Morning

A major earthquake hit central Myanmar on Sunday morning near Mandalay, its second-biggest city, but local media reported that five people were killed and early information suggested damage was limited although several construction workers were missing.