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Tamil Nadu wing of Overseas Congress launched in New York

The Tamil Nadu wing of the Indian National Overseas Congress USA (INOC-USA) was inaugurated Nov 27 by former Union Minister S Thirunavukkarasar at a gala function held in the presence of Indian National Congress dignitaries from South India.

Sushma Swaraj says Narendra Modi fit to be next PM

With opinion polls suggesting that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is heading for a third time win in the assembly election in December, slowly the BJP leaders are veering around to the view that the Gujarat strongman is definitely better placed in the race for next Prime Minister.

Embassy of Sri Lanka in Sweden hosts colorful Deepavali celebration

Sri Lanka Embassy in Stockholm organized a Deepavali celebration on its premises.

Removing a Nail in the Tiger’s Coffin, on VP’s Birthday

What if after the defeat of the JVP insurgency, the Premadasa administration prevented Sinhala families from mourning their JVP-dead? What if every commemorative activity from the political to the religious was banned? What if Buddhists monks were told to stop preaching sermons (bana) and accepting alms (dane) on behalf of dead JVPers?

India’s Armed Forces Veterans: Do they have a national role ?

Under the banner of IESM (Indian Ex-Servicemen's Movement), India's armed forces veterans propose a nation-wide movement, starting with a rally on December 1, 2012, at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi. This article examines whether, in addition to pressing for their rightful demands, veterans have a national role that will simultaneously help their cause and achieve better governance.

Mulayam, Tiwari meet fuels speculation

Political observers keenly watch every move of Samajwadi Party chief Muayam Singh Yadav these days as he is a key player in Delhi politics, as the UPA virtually depends on his support for survival.

Letter from America: The Rohingya Question – Part 2

When the British occupied Arakan, the country was a scarcely populated area. Consequently, formerly high-yield paddy fields of the fertile Kaladan and Lemro river valleys germinated nothing but wild plants for many years.

Tuberculosis Control: Are We On Our Way?

Dr Nils E Billo, has been Executive Director of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union) since 1992 when it was a very small organization with just about a dozen staff and consultants, who focused on tuberculosis.

Eradicate the 'tiny suicide bombers'!

A topic always being debated everywhere is ‘whether health or wealth’ which is more valuable to mankind. There is no doubt that the majority will, promptly, support health over wealth.

Global Economic Outlook 2013: grim statistics smudge the growth line

The OECD, the Organization for European Economic Co-operation and Development, confirmed what we have been sensing for many months – just by scanning the small world around us: the global economic outlook for 2013 looks pretty grim.