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Letter from America: The Rohingya Question – Part 6

As we have noted elsewhere there are other records, including British, which mention the name Rohingya. Consider, for instance, the account of the English surgeon to Embassy of Ava, Dr. Francis Buchanan (1762-1829 CE), who visited Burma decades before the British occupied the territory.

Delhi gang-rape victim dies in Singapore hospital

The 23-year-old girl, who put up a brave battle for life after she was gang-raped and brutally assaulted in a Delhi bus a fortnight ago, that had created a nationwide outrage, died early Saturday morning in a Singapore hospital.

Tribute to Brave-heart

As her violent demise stuns us into silence, and as we hang our head in shame, it also awakens our dead instincts into a quiet but determined uprising, demanding what should have been rightfully ours—a respectable place in society where the dignity of women is not violated day in and day out.

Bandh observed in Telangana region

A bandh was observed in Telanhana region with statehood supporters staging demonstrations at various places in Andhra Pradesh on Saturday.

Gotabhaya the Prophet and the State of His Dreams

A fortnight after the UPFA won the 2010 parliamentary election Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa gave an interview delineating his dream-state.

Silvio Lining in Veronica’s dark cloud - Berlusconi Ordered to Pay $14,000 a day to his ex-wife

Veronica Lario, 56, the long-enduring wife of Silvio Berlusconi, the ex-Italian Prime Minister, was awarded over $10,000 a day by a court in Italy as a part of divorce settlement on Christmas Day, when for an ordinary Italian even $1000 a day is just a dream in economically-challenging times.

Chief Justice Impeachment; President can restore fairness and righteousness

Once some events are set in motion, they take their own course and they sometimes end with consequences neither predicated nor desirable. It appears that the Chief Justice Impeachment issue is one such series of events now almost running out control with undesirable and unnecessary consequences.