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France: Sarkozy launches presidential bid depending on anti-Muslim hysteria!

Use of themes like Islam and Muslims in a negative sense helps the presidential-PM candidates to campaign cheaply for a popular mandate - not only in third world countries like India where the Hindutva forces have got an advantage over other parties, and Israel where Jewish politicians use Palestinians, anti-Islam and their own illegal settlements for fascist Zionist advances but unfortunately also in former democracies like USA, France and Germany as well. The Sept-11 hoax continues to play a destructive role in polls.

 President Nicolas Sarkozy
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Who nearly lost Sri Lanka-100%?

Former President of SL Kumaratunga after hibernating for over a decade has suddenly emerged to claim that she won 75% of the war against the terrorists in her time. They are like the claims made by others that anything good that was done when out of power was planned by them. Such claims can only invite contempt and ridicule. They however provided the light relief that kept SL’s spirits up even during the worst of times. Before recounting what she actually achieved it may be worthwhile to know who started the war, who nearly lost it and SL too. Who actually won the war is too well known.

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