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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 79

Brussels protest rally fail to impress EU: LTTE is ready....

[b]Brussels protest rally fail to impress EU: LTTE is ready for war - Gajendran[/b]

[b]Brussels, 27 October, ([/b] The recent protest rally held in Brussels by the pro-LTTE lobby to influence the European Union to lift the travel ban on the LTTE has fizzled out without any impact, according to informed sources in the Tamil diasporas. These sources also said that there are reports of the European Union considering further punitive action against the LTTE activists raising funds and promoting terrorism in their countries.

,br> The Tamil diasporas also noted that even international news agencies had virtually blacked it out. Except for a few handfuls of pro-LTTE websites which came up with the reports of the event for the consumption of the Tamil diasporas, the event failed to get the publicity it hoped to attract. "It was a non-event," said a Tamil expatriate who did not want to be quoted. Even the Sri Lanka’s media and the official website of the LTTE gave it a wide berth.

Inside reports indicated that the organizers of the rally encountered many challenges. They were also concerned about the consequences they might face in the European Union countries they reside and tried to tone down the anti-European rhetoric. The organizers failed mainly in their attempt the white-wash the LTTE as a respectable organization worthy of international respect. One Tamil commentator said: "The task for the LTTE lobbyists has become increasingly difficult with their crimes against humanity and the violations of the Cease-fire Agreement going against them. It is easier to sell avian flu to the EU than the LTTE, “said the commentator.

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