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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 82

A Buddhist's curse to Islamists' bigotry

[b]A Buddhist's curse to Islamists' bigotry[/b]

Asoka Weerasinghe reminds the Muslim world, the blasting of The Bamiyan Buddhas in the Bamiyan Valley, Afghanistan, by the Islamic fundamentalists in 2001, that stood for 23 centuries. He poses a pertinent question, "I wish the Muslims who are furious over these cartoons and rampaging blazing the Danish Embassies had the same sensitivity when the Talibanis blasted to smithereens the Bamiyan Buddhas that stood for twenty-three centuries in the Bamiyan valley, which hurt me to my core as a Buddhist."

In a letter to The Editor, Asian Tribune Asoka Weerasinghe writes, "And if I am expected to cultivate religious tolerance and be respectful of others religions, then I expect others to do the same towards my beliefs as a Buddhist."

In his letter he further reveals his frustration and anger, "by writing a therapeutic The Taliban Trilogy and not going around burning places, and country flags which most nationals feel is their sacred country symbol."

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