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Lalin’s Column :Field Marshal - SL has a date with Geneva in September

There is a lot written and spoken about Field Marshals (FMs) just now. The latest is about the privileges that FMs should apparently have. It appears Hitler’s Germany is the source for these anachronistic examples. The privileges it gave FMs were ‘compelling and influential role in military matters, tax exemption, become a member of nobility, equal to Government officials, constant protection or escort, right to report directly to Royalty’. The rank was abolished in Germany after WW2 (1945).

Lalin’s Column :Field Marshal -  SL has a date with Geneva in September
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One-time President of Interpol sentenced to 15yrs on corruption charges

One-time president of Interpol and South Africa's former national police chief has been sentenced to 15 years in prison on corruption charges, the convicting Judge saying the ex top police official was an embarrassment to the crime-plagued country and the police officers who had served under him.

Football World Cup 2010: Disappointed Day for England with 1-1 Draw against USA

English fans, up and down the country, were thoroughly upbeat about the victory before the match kicked off at 7.30 p.m. local time. Their hopes were justified within the first five minutes of the game; Stephen Gerrard scored his first goal while sending the nation into a collective hysteria.

Postpone Presidential Elections

According to the latest information available to us that has not been challenged, I as a patriotic citizen of this country personally think that it would be in the best interests of not only MR but also the entire country that the Presidential elections should be postponed indefinitely to a more favourable time for the following reasons:

Diabetes in Zimbabwe: It’s Not All About Sugar

Growing up in Zimbabwe, diabetes (a polygenic disease characterized by abnormally high glucose levels in the blood) was something that the old people always talked about, and the fear of the disease grew over me like a giant baobab.

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