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Patritism On Parole

Patriotism which is identified with being loyal to one’s country cannot be decried except perhaps by the ‘ultra’ liberals whose calling includes ridiculing the nation and its leaders. For ordinary people, patriotism’ is not just about becoming martyrs from enemy bullets but also loving one’s country, warts and all, and respecting it even when being critical of the rulers and their policies.

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Remote Control Politics Harming Opposition

The scene does not look good for the Opposition in India not only because of internal strife and divisions but also because the ‘high command’ of these parties tries to force its decisions on state units. The top leaders of different Opposition parties appear to be incapable of reading the mood in the states and yet expect their fortunes to smile.

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Channel Blackout is Ominous, But…

The government’s decision to order the Hindi channel of the NDTV to shut down for a day on November 9, the day the US elects its next President, has been decried across the spectrum. It is certainly an ominous sign. But let us also take notice of the hypocrisy shown by the media itself, not to speak of politicians of different hues who have rushed with condemnation. The biggest farce that the media has played is talking about ‘self-censorship’ whenever facing public outcry.

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Paralysis Again After Surgical Strike

The euphoria over the successful surgical strike on terrorist launch pads in Pakistan and chest thumping over it now appear meaningless as India has failed since then to take retaliatory steps following increased attacks by Pakistanis on multi-targets in India. India’s other ‘enemy’, China, has hardened its stance on issues of vital concern to India. Russia has signaled that India no longer enjoys a pre-eminent position in its South Asia policy formulations. To all these developments the Indian response has been feeble, if at all.

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Bitterness After ‘Surgery’

There may be quibbling over the term used for the attack conducted by a special group of the Indian Army on terrorist launch pads inside PoK on September 29 but the success of that daring act cannot be doubted. Pakistan has admitted that two of its soldiers were killed in firing from across the border even as it launched a massive propaganda drive to debunk the Indian assertion that it was a ‘surgical strike’ inside a territory Pakistan controls.

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War Within Indian Media Over Pakistan Is Futile

It is no secret that soon after Pakistani terrorists had attacked the Uri army camp war cries broke out in the Indian media backed by a full phalanx of leadership of the ruling party. While the electronic media may have taken the lead, the print media was not very far behind in supporting the idea of a ‘reprisal’ which, it was presumed, is one way of advocating a military response.

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Multiparty Contests In Assembly Politics Favor None

India seems to be almost permanently in an election mode. Parliamentary polls dominate the media space, generally once in five years, but state assembly polls are never far from each other. The Modi government says it does not want assembly polls taking place almost every year; President Pranab Mukherjee also has echoed the same view when he spoke against frequent election but simultaneous polls for parliament and assemblies is easier said than done.

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AAP’s Dwindling Popularity .. .. .. ..

The Aam Admi Party (AAP) has been a curious political phenomenon from the start. It captured people’s imagination on an unprecedented scale after Arvind Kejriwal (AK) announced its formation by breaking ranks with his mentor, the anti-corruption Ayatollah Anna Hazare. After a setback of transient nature, it went on to win the Delhi assembly poll with a staggering number of seats. And reached the apex of its popularity.

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Islam Reached the Shore of Konkan in 636 CE, During Umar (ra)'s Caliphate

One of our student groups from Markazul Ma’arif Education and Research Centre (MMERC), Mumbai is on a 40-day trip at Shrivardhan, a township in Raigad district of Konkan region in Maharashtra state of India. We went to meet them on 3rd day of Eidul Adha (15 Sept. 2016). Shrivardhan is 200 kms. from Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra and the financial capital of India.

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Lesson In Obsequiousness In Interview Grab

Despite all the claims of its high TRP, there are not many who rate the nightly verbal joust on Times Now high because all you get to hear is shouting and screaming. Perhaps the only reason why the programme enjoys high viewership is that people do like to see the interviewee, if he or she is a big name, being roasted by the interviewer. But then many also find the uncontrolled aggression of the interviewer who does not like to let the guests put across their point of view quite off-putting.

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