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Elephants condemned to life imprisonment in Sri Lanka

By Daya Dissanayake

Among humans who claim they are the most civilized, most intelligent and most advanced animal form on earth, another human is sentenced to life imprisonment only when found guilty of a serious crime, by a court of law. Among Lankans who boast of 2500 years of the purest form of Buddhism, which is the greatest non-violent philosophy in the world, even an animal should not be hurt in any way.

Brazil Starts Enriching Uranium

By Atul –Malladi - Syndicate Features

When planet earth’s mightiest power considers you a good boy, you cannot do anything wrong. Largely unreported and under the shadow of the controversy over Iran’s refusal to stop enriching uranium, Latin America’s largest country, Brazil, announced (May 6) that it has joined the select group of countries that are capable of enriching uranium on industrial scale. For Brazilians it was a moment of pride and triumph. A new centrifuge facility for producing enriched uranium was formally opened on that day at Resende, 140 km from Rio de Janeiro.

World’s largest steelmaker in $33 billion takeover bid for the second largest

A massive takeover bid, upped last week by 34 percent to 25.8 euros ($US33 billion), is currently underway by the world’s largest steel producer, Mittal Steel, for the world’s second largest, Arcelor. If successful, the massive new conglomerate would have an annual output of around 110 million tonnes or about 10 percent of world steel production—three to four times that of its nearest rivals. With annual sales of $69 billion and 320,000 employees worldwide, it would be the leading steelmaker in five of the world’s nine major markets.

India’s PM enters third year in office

Dr. Manmohan Singh has entered his third year in office as prime minister of India amidst an ominous sign of student unrest all over the country, triggered ostensibly by the controversy over reservations for other backward classes (OBCs) in higher institutes of learning. The agitation started by medical students in Delhi has attracted almost the entire medical fraternity, not just the students, and other professionals in many cities and towns in the country, making it look like a movement against the reservation policy as such. Clandestine support of at least one political party cannot be ruled out, though most political parties can ill-afford to openly support any anti-reservation agitation.

Will India Avoid From Being Called 'Failed State?'

By J N Raina - Syndicate Features

What is the quantum of India’s tolerance and measurement of its patience, in dealing with the known perpetrator of terrorism ON India’s soil? This question should be posed to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, in conjunction with Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi, because the latter, sharing power with the former, cannot be absolved of the blame for ‘ill-governance’ at the Centre, which has led to the perpetuation of ethnic cleansing in Jammu and Kashmir.

Britain: Blair pledges to override Human Rights Act

The Blair government’s ongoing offensive against civil liberties escalated this week with the declaration that it wants to override a range of existing laws such as the 1998 Human Rights Act. This followed a High Court ruling earlier this month that the government was guilty of an “abuse of power” in its efforts to subvert the rule of law.

Failed Pakistan

By Tushar Charan - Syndicate Features

According to a study, in the year 2005 Pakistan made a spectacular progress, jumping from 34th position to 9th. Only it was an unenviable ball game in which the land of the pure took that great leap: the index of ‘failed states’. According to the American Foreign Policy magazine and an American think-tank, the Fund for Peace, which published the list for the Washington-based Carnegie Endowment, Afghanistan was a notch less failed state than Pakistan, occupying the 10th position in a list of 146 countries of the world.

Russia becoming a Muslim state!

By Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

Imagine Russia in 2050! According to Paul Goble, a specialist on ethnic minorities in the Russian Federation has predicted that within the next several decades, Russia will become a Muslim majority state. There is another bad news with fast decline in country’s population. This has already become a headache for Russian politicians and policy makers. President Vladimir Putin has called already for Russian women to have more children, because demographers predict that Russia’s population will fall from 143 million to 100 million by 2050. This situation has alarmed Russians as well Western leaders, more so because analysts estimate that Muslims will comprise the majority group in Russia’s population in few decades.

Spurning Iran’s Letter Diplomacy

By Allabaksh - Syndicate Features

By spurning Iranian President’s letter diplomacy, the United States has not served its own cause, says the author. Whatever be its contents, the letter provided an opportunity for a direct channel of communication for the first time in 29 years between Teheran and Washington. The American neocons apparently prefer the option of attacking Iran but are holding back their power because of the experience of misadventure in Iraq, the author opines

Prodi government takes power in Italy: a right-wing regime with a left fig leaf

Five and a half weeks after parliamentary elections, a new Italian government was sworn into office Wednesday. The governing coalition stretches from moderate Christian Democrats to liberals, Greens, social democrats, the Democratic Left (the successor organization to Italy’s Communist Party), and Communism Refounded (Rifondazione Comunista). In order to satisfy all eight governing parties the head of the government, Romano Prodi, distributed a total of 25 ministerial posts, one more than the cabinet of his predecessor, Silvio Berlusconi. When deputy minister and state secretaries are added, the total of government ministers exceeds well over one hundred.

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