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Spurious Claims and Real Agendas

That the Rajapakse administration is concerned about its continuity is clear to the naked eye and the naked ear, in the visages and words of its key stakeholders. The election, which, with Ranil Wickremesinghe, would have been a one horse race, has become transformed into a close run battle with the entry of Sarath Fonseka.

Chidambaram’s Quest for Kashmir peace

That China has been assigned a ‘monitoring role’ in South Asia by U S President Barack Obama is impertinent. Such abstraction has raised eyebrows in India at a time when ice has started breaking in Kashmir, and behind-the-scene dialogue—or calls it back channel diplomacy—to resolve the ticklish Kashmir issue, has entered a ‘decisive’ phase.

Osama bin Laden – a myth or reality

Among the 19 hijackers that struck targets in New York and Washington on 9/11, none was an Afghani or Pakistani. They were Arab Muslims, mostly from Saudi Arabia, based in Europe and trained in USA, in all probability by Jews.

The Long Shadow of Impunity

They dot Colombo’s landscape, gigantic hoarding after gigantic hoarding depicting President Rajapakse in a myriad of poses, heroic or compassionate, serious or carefree, petting a child or staring into the space…. Will the ubiquitous hoardings come down on nominations day? Or will they continue to litter the city and the suburbs, in stark violation of election laws?

China may eclipse India in English race

China is not only tormenting India with verbal threats and incursions on the boundary and abusing New Delhi for backing the ‘separatist’ Dalai lama but is on course to overtake the former ‘crown jewel’ of Great Britain as the country with a larger population of people who ‘use’ English, a British Council report, scarcely reported in the Indian media, says.

Our Scylla and Charybdis Moment

When the then Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka in an act of infantile spite drastically reduced the security of General Parakrama Pannipitiya, he would not have imagined that the same criminal iniquity would be done unto him barely a year later.

Contrasting responses to catastrophes

Tens of 9/11 in USA, 12/12 in New Delhi and 26/11 in Mumbai, and 7/7 in London have taken place in Pakistan during the last five years. Devastating terrorist and suicide attacks killing scores of people and destroying property worth billions have occurred in major cities. Balochistan, FATA, NWFP, Malakand Division including Swat are engulfed in flames of terrorism while Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Peshawar have faced the maximum brunt.

Distortion of history out of malice and personal vendetta

It has become fashionable for all writers to put the entire blame of Pakistan ailments in the basket of late Gen Ziaul Haq. He is most negatively commented upon since he was an eyesore for the secularists in general and the PPP in particular.

Lalin’s Column: Restoration of the 5th Column

The 30 year war is over and despite the hydra headed maneuvers of the 5th column, the terrorists were annihilated. The country is moving towards the acclaimed goals of peace. Velu’s successor KP has been taken in a sting operation worthy of the world’s best Secret Services.

A rejoinder to Dr. Subhash Kapila’s article

Indian political leaders, writers and media analysts and intelligence agencies are past masters in creating doubts and misgivings between groups, communities, political parties and institutions to fan ethnic and sectarian tensions, political polarization and foment fissiparous tendencies in neighboring countries.

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