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Garthwal Region: Deva Bhoomi

I was buoyed up when the stars smiled on me, and enabled me to breathe air, tinged with spirituality, at the holy shrine of Badrinath, in Garhwal Himalayas. It was a pulsating moment. I could not accomplish my wish last year, and had to cancel the pilgrimage twice for some unavoidable circumstances.

Another attempt to malign Pakistan nuclear program

Pakistan’s nuclear program has been subjected to sustained propaganda by Indo-US-Israeli media and officials since early 1980s. From 2005 onwards, propaganda snipes became more and more razor-sharp and scathing. Main theme revolves around weak security apparatus and nuclear weapons falling into wrong hands.

Balkanizatio: Why Are Indians Afraid Of China?

Massive cobwebs have developed in the already bedevilled relationship between India and China. The Dragon’s hegemonic tendencies have of late come to the fore. Its ways of duplicity in dealing with India, know no bounds.

It matters little tor Sri Lanka : US Ambassador "Butenis" or "Haramanis," all the same

The collapse of the Soviet Union helped it. India did not want to be isolated. She was mindful of the ‘threat’ to her from China with the order issue still remaining unresolved. LTTE was to be used by India to prevent the U.S. getting a foothold in Trincomalee which was strategically important for her.

Lanka tourism: Ramayana or Mahawamsa

The August 23 the Sunday Observer reported that the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) is planning to promote religious tourism to attract Indians to Sri Lanka. The main focus of this will be the Ramayana epic, according to the report.

Burma Question - sill a matter of regional concern

By Zin Linn

Burma’s key opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been sent back from the notorious Insein Prison and now held under house-arrest. But, the uninvited American, the main defender of the dramatic trial in Burma has been already released from imprisonment and sent back to America. In fact, the Senior General Than Shwe exploited the case of John Yettaw, the American swimmer, in order to block the Lady's right of equal access to join in the political process in Burma.

America took nearly one year to free Japanese-Americans after the WW II

The administration of any country trying to throw stones at others should look at skeletons in its own cupboards before speaking out. The United States of America, perhaps, with its three century old record, is the last country that could open its mouths about human rights or humanitarian considerations.

Jaswant Singh: The best-selling author

By Atul Cowshish - Syndicate Features

It is difficult to understand why there is so much surprise over the commotion that has followed a just-released book written by Maj (retd) Jaswant Singh, till very recently a ‘respected’ and ‘senior’ leader of the ‘Hindutva-brandishing Bharatiya Janata Party.

The Collapsing Colonies Of Bees- Economics And The Buddhist Doctorine Of Ahimsa

It was Einstein who stated if the Honey Bee disappeared from the surface of the earth then man would have four years of life left. “ No More Bees, No more Pollination, No more Plants, No more Animals, No More Man”. There fore the fall of the Bee population in America, Latin America and Europe should concern every Human being. It is said that one third of the food eaten in America is depended on the pollination by bees worth Billions of Dollars.

Ongoing operations in north-west

Asif Haroon Raja - Having forced Pakistan army to fight US dictated war on terror in FATA, Army was subjected to a willful propaganda campaign to defame it in the eyes of people of Pakistan. Doubts were created about the intent and capability of the Army to fight foreign sponsored militants.

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