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Language chauvinism rears head again

No sane person would approve the ‘arrogance’ of Balasaheb Thackeray who has the cheek to fault with Cricket icon Tendulkar’s assertion that Mumbai belongs to all Indians.

Lalin’s Column: Fantasizing Indian Intervention

The SL Rumour Mill Consolidation, the common candidate of the LTTE, is close to packing up as its allies are no longer amongst the living. It didn’t prevent it from making its last burst, stinking or not, smelly enough to repulsive.

Lalin’s Column: Who pays the Hangman?

“And I can see no reason why anyone should suppose that in the future the same motifs already heard will not be sounding still put to use by reasonable men to reasonable ends, or by madmen to nonsense and disaster” - Joseph Campbell

Human Right Violations: Why only Sri Lanka?

After constantly mounting pressure and criticism from international community, Sri Lanka has decided to launch an inquiry about alleged human rights violations in war against LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam).

Sri Lanka: Time to expose vultures

Sri Lanka is entering a phase where extreme vigilance is called for.

India is on the verge of implosion from within

Soon after the independence on 15 August 1947, Brahman ruled India started gobbling princely states. 365 states were made part of Indian Union many among them wanting to stay independent or become part of Pakistan. Later on, India broke Pakistan into two and guzzled Goa and Sikkim.

Do Or Die ‘War’ For Pakistan

Pakistan is being driven to desperation. Taliban, ‘made in Islamabad’, are bleeding Pakistan profusely. The uncontrollable jihadi movement, meant to be India-specific, has recoiled on the perpetrators themselves. Insurgency is at its peak. There is hardly any sign of abatement.

Bounty Bill For Pakistan

The United States has formalised a hefty bounty, a $ 7.5 billion five-year aid package, for Pakistan, its foremost South Asian ally that it also acknowledges as the epicentre of global terrorism—a ‘migrane’, according to a former US secretary of state.

Indo-US-Israeli grand design to truncate Pakistan

Indo-US-Israeli objectives of denuclearisation, balkanisation and secularisation of Pakistan and turning it into a vassal state of India will be achieved preferably through ongoing covert operations alone supplemented by infamous Kerry-Lugar bill. Already lot of progress has been achieved by our adversaries in destabilising Pakistan.

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