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Suicidal Attack in Iran

Amid ongoing wave of suicidal attacks in Pakistan a suicidal attempt in Sistan, Iran shook Iran and rest of the world.

Modern Day Bhasmasura On Death Dance In Pakistan

Looking at the developments in Pakistan, particularly the attack on the army’s general headquarters (GHQ) in Rawalpindi, one is reminded of the story of Bhasmasura one comes across in the Hindu mythology.

Indian interest in Pakistan’s soft belly in Sindh

India succeeded in creating Bangladesh after dismembering Pakistan into two halves in December 1971. In this RAW played a key role in polluting the minds of Bengalis under Mujibur Rehman against West Pakistan and instigating them to revolt and gain independence.

Deepawali: The Festival Of Lights

The nights are laden with the intoxicating smell of the white flowers of ‘queen of night’. There is a rosy nip in the morning air, hinting at the approaching winters.

Security, Reconciliation in Iraq Are Irreconcilable

Insecurity in Iraq is in – built in the U.S. – conceived sectarian and “federal” constitution drafted after the U.S. – led invasion in 2003, in the political process engineered by the U.S. occupying power on sectarian and federal “constitutional” basis to create a secure pro – U.S. post – Saddam regime as well as in the sectarian polity born therefrom -- or more to the point brought in by the invading army -- and is still, seven years on, struggling to survive a possible U.S. military disengagement, and in a self – defeating contradictory and security oriented U.S. blueprints for Iraqi reconciliation as a prerequisite for securing the country at least as an ally of the United States, if not as a puppet regime.

The stinging monsoon tail

There was an exceptional sting in the tail of the summer monsoon of 2009, especially for the people of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, who faced an unprecedented fury of floods that took a heavy toll of human lives in their states.

‘Gandhigiri’ Under Attack

It will appear that lately India has been under attack from not only the usual hostile quarters but also from those with whom there is no record of sustained antagonism. If the sovereignty and integrity of the country has so far remained intact it is because these attacks have remained confined to verbal, diplomatic levels, occasionally involving a little firepower at the border with two unfriendly neighbours.

Remembering Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi

Martyrs are born and seldom made Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi was one of them. Born on October 26, (117 years ago) in 1890 in Allahabad, he passed the high school examination and joined the Kayastha Pathshala in Allahabad. In 1906-07 national leaders like Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Bipin Chandra Pal and Gopal Krishna Gokhale visited Allahabad and sought Vidyarthi’s support for national struggle.

U.S. ‘Personality Assassination’ of a Palestinian Ally

The report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, which the head of the mission, Judge Richard Goldstone, presented to the Human Rights Council (HRC) on September 29, prematurely plunged the Palestinian Authority (PA) in a short –lived euphoria over what it first envisaged as a political prize that would hit two major birds of its political adversaries simultaneously, namely the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu and its Palestinian rival Hamas.

Mutual bailing out game over Hilary Clinton’s Rape story in Sri Lanka

To get away after making that statement in the UN Security Council session on September 30, 2009 presided by her would not have been easy for Hilary Rodham Clinton. The media present in New York saw the weakness of her position when she placed Sri Lanka in the short list of countries where she said rape was used as a tactic of war.

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