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Messy situation in Balochistan

Balochistan has remained under developed because of lack of interest of federal and provincial leaders. Power has remained in the hands of Baloch Sardars who have pursued anti-people policies and have worst record of human rights violations.. Leading a regal life they have kept their people illiterate and in abject poverty.

Sri Lanka: Isn’t it time for at least the contours of a political solution to be known?

It appears that Sri Lanka has been sending mixed messages about a political solution to address the political conflict the country has experienced for decades. It is the after taste that is arising from mixed signals that is worrying those who genuinely feel there should be a political solution, while at the same time providing fuel to the not so genuine who wish to keep the flame of Tamil aspirations and exaggerated claims of ongoing discrimination alive for personal, and economic gain.

U.S. Engagement Must Understand Burma’s Diversity

Developments are indicating that the Obama administration is starting to ease tension with the Burmese military junta. At the U.N. headquarters in New York on September 23, Hillary Clinton said the U.S. will be “moving in a direction of both engagement and continued sanctions.” Clinton is reiterating the comment she made earlier this year during her maiden visit to Asia as Secretary of State.

U.N. Chief Weighs in on Iran, Libya and Afghanistan

Addressing his monthly press conference Tuesday, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon refused to back a Western endorsement of a premature election victory for Afghan President Hamid Karzai, implicitly criticized Libyan Leader Muammar el-Qaddafi for denigrating the U.N. charter, and faulted Iran for lack of transparency in its nuclear programme.

The Best Test Batsman in Sri Lanka-A Comparative Analysis

Sri Lanka has narrowed the gap with number-one ranked South Africa to just two points in the Reliance Mobile ICC Test Championship after winning the two matches Test series against New Zealand in Colombo. Now Reliance Mobile ICC ranking stands as follows:

Controversies behind Sri Lanka’s IDPs

It is amazing how people who do not know any of these “IDPs”, people who have not even come to Sri Lanka, people who have so far not even sent a cent or contributed any aid are demanding that Sri Lanka’s IDPs be allowed “freedom of movement”.

India Moonwalks On Lunar Waters

It’s a confirmed ‘discovery’ now! Water on Moon exists and it’s India who’s done the world proud. After nearly five decades of lunar explorations by western nations, it was India’s ‘Chandrayaan’ ( this Sanskrit word means Moon Craft) that got scientific community of the world go gaga over the ISRO- Indian Space Research Organisation, feat.

RAW is a rogue and terrorist outfit

India has a contaminated history of interfering into the internal affairs of all its neighbours. Driven by its hegemonic mindset to emerge as the unchallenged power of South Asia, India has all along striven to force South Asian states to accept Indian hegemony and never hesitated from resorting to economic strangulation or political blackmail or even naked force to achieve its nefarious designs.

U.S. accusing others of War Crimes: a hypocritical triumph of "form over substance": The Harvard Review on "Vanishing Law of War"

At a time the government of Sri Lanka is facing increasing pressure from the U.S. and other Western interests including some officials in the U.N. system serving these interests, with a hostile media backing these efforts and the opposition in Sri Lanka propping them up waiting to reap the fruits of what seems like an attempt at a wider global conspiracy to install a pro-U.S./ pro-West and pro-LTTE regime change, the review essay published by the Harvard International Review (H/IR) in its Spring edition this year, provides refreshing insights into the situation regarding the "law of war."

The Soft State Syndrome

Despite all the brave and sometimes boastful talk heard in the country for over two decades, India has only enhanced its dubious reputation as being among the most ‘soft’ states.

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