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Obama Stuck between Wars on Iraq, Afghanistan

It was extraordinarily questionable why U.S. President Barak Obama chose not to credit the War on Afghanistan with a separate paragraph in his speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations on September 23, to “note” the war on Iraq with only a four – line paragraph, and instead to escalate his war of words on Iran, as if the expansion of the war on Afghanistan into Pakistan was not enough over-depletion of an already exhausted U.S. human, financial and military resources, and as if a threat of a third war in the Middle East would serve in any way the U.S. vital interests in the region or contribute to U.S. elusive victory in either one of both wars.

A Post-mortem on UNESCO Director- General Election

Post-mortems on elections of Director-General of UNESCO are common happenings at UNESCO. There is no harm if observers too engage in post-mortems in order to analyse what goes on at this great organization where world’s civilizations meet, not without trying to civilize each other; or, rather trying to impose one’s own value systems on others.

Gilgit-Baltistan rightly belongs to India

Pakistan has played another fraud and hoodwinked the people of Kashmir, by granting ‘political autonomy’ to Northern Areas, the erstwhile Gilgit Agency that formed an integral part of the undivided princely state of Jammu and Kashmir, which in too belongs to India. Pakistan has illegally occupied the Northern Areas since 1947.

Will the US Forsake Burma?

Will America betrayed the Burmese cause, is the big question in the minds of every Burmese even though they may not speak out? A review of US policy announce by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton that Obama administration has decided to engage directly with Junta as part of international efforts to promote democracy, but sanctions will remain employing both tools.

Manmohan Singh’s Faulty Pakistan Policy

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, while delivering the panic button, stunned the nation recently that based on certain intelligence inputs from across the border, ‘terrorist groups’ –Pakistan calls them non-state actors—were planning fresh attacks in India.

Is occupational stress a risk?

Occupational stress constitutes a large proportion of the overall stress response, since over 75% of non-sleeping time in adults is devoted to job activities, a cross sectional survey done by 3 doctors, viz. S.A.I.K. Suraweera, R.D.A. Seneviratne and H.M.S.S. D. Herath in the Colombo District in Sri Lanka, among 366 middle level managers between 20-59 years with one or more years of service as middle level managers serving in domestic commercial banks by using two indices i.e. high job strain and iso-strain according to Demand Control and Demand Control Support models (Karasek 1985; Johnson, Hall & Theorell 1989), revealed.

Politics Of Two Measures Of Rice And Free Economic System

There is no argument that when Sri Lanka gained independence in 1948 from British rule, it has inherited a dependent economy based on a dependent currency system, which was called currency board system that linked the monetary unit of Sri Lanka to Sterling pound in Britain.

Is alcohol a natural beverage?

Consumption of alcohol ranges from occasional use, hazardous use and harmful use to dependence. The proportion of different groups varies among different societies and countries and cultures.

Keeping memories alive 20th anniversary of Rajani's assassination

One night in 1983, soon after midnight Rajani woke me up and whispered to me that she had been asked to treat an injured boy from the Iyakkam (movement). For her, this was an act of compassion by a doctor towards her patient.

Sunday celebrity:Kala Master: she is ‘sagala Kala vallavi’

Manada Maiyilada” dance programme in Kalainger TV has become an addiction today with the viewers from young to old. On Sundays and its repeat programmes on the following Saturdays, you find people glued to the box. And it is the talk of the town.

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