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Festering cauldron of Balochistan

Balochistan is attached with Iran as well as with landlocked Afghanistan with which it shares 1200 km border and single crossing point at Chaman. About 8-12000 people cross the border daily and 3-4000 vehicles cross Chaman checkpoint daily.

Analysis & Opinion: A priority misplaced?

Maldives’ President Mohamed Nasheed’s strict and across the board austerity measures to prop up the economy are surely commendable. But did he blunder when he initially decided to skip the Copenhagen climate change summit pinning it too on cost cutting – in a nation where the single most danger is rising waters?

Sri Lanka: National Dengue Prevention

Sri Lanka government has declared a National Dengue Prevention Week Programme from 21st to 27th September 2009. This programme is sponsored by Sri Lanka Telecom Ltd. According to Dr. Nihal Jayatilleke, the Additional Secretary to the Ministry of Healthcare & Nutrition, from January 2009 to date, Dengue patients numbering 25,301 have been reported throughout the country and 249 patients have died due to this disease.

Revisiting the Taliban Question after Zbigniew Brzezinski exposure

The report by BBC Diplomatic Correspondent Jonathan Marcus in Geneva dated September 11, quoting former U.S. national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski speaking at a Global Strategy Conference held in Geneva recently, urges me to revisit what I myself wrote in The Island Newspaper in Colombo early August under the title “Is Taliban winning the second round? - Obama and Miliband ready to talk to the Taliban.” The first round the Taliban won was at the UN as I wrote in n earlier article in The Island a few years back.

Tyranny of minorities: How so much damage can be done by so few to so many

Minorities referred to here are not ethnic minorities. This needs to be made clear at the outset before anyone allows their imagination and even anger, to take the better of them. What are referred to as minorities are few individuals or small groups within minority and majority communities who, through their strong influence on either minority or majority community groups, political parties and even governments, inflict so much damage to the broader fabric of society.

Preservation of Ozone Layers

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer of the United Nations is commemorated every year on September 16th to mark the date of signing of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer in 1987.

Duplicitous Canadians

I have refrained from writing much about Sri Lanka since the end of the war on terrorism – although there have been a number of topics on which I could have commented. I am convinced that President Mahinda Rajapaksa has things pretty much under control, and that he is moving the country and its diverse populations forward toward the unity and harmony he has promised.

Infiltration Belies Islamabad Claims

Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor’s comment on infiltration from across the border is more than a statement of plain facts. It gives a lie to Pakistan’s claims that it is interested in resolving issues with India peacefully and through dialogue.

Copenhagen Climate Summit: A Cold Maldives President

Combating climate change is the top most global challenge - more than so-called fictitious terrorism which has been unleashed by the big powers to advance their global interests, including energy, land-sea routes and arms trade. But the big world has not taken the issue as seriously as it demands. The IST/GST (International or Global state terrorism) has caused non-state terrorism and the perpetrators are controlled by the GSTs themselves.

The World Needs a Marshall Plan for Climate Change

When world leaders meet for a mega talk-fest on climate change at the United Nations in late September, the focus will be more on politics and less on finance.

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