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Life & Health

Eat healthy to reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases (NCDs)

The first WHO Global status report on non-communicable diseases (NCDs) launched on 27th April, confirms that NCDs are the leading killer today, with 36.1 million people dying from heart disease, strokes, chronic lung diseases, cancers and diabetes in 2008.

Appeal to World Health Organization (WHO) to support Dr Binayak Sen

An appeal has been sent to the heads of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Stop TB Partnership by noted health advocates to come forward in support of Dr Binayak Sen - a medical doctor who is allegedly wrongly serving a life sentence in India.

'Building capacity, redressing neglect' on harm reduction

The 22nd International Harm Reduction Conference took place in Beirut Lebanon during April 3-7, in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region where it faces diverse and rapidly changing patterns of drug, tobacco and alcohol use.

Emerging global mandate to save 36 million lives from Non-Communicable Diseases

According to 'The Lancet', non-communicable diseases (NCDs), mainly heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancers, and chronic respiratory disease, are responsible for two out of every three deaths worldwide and the toll is rising.

In The Pursuit Of Healthy Happiness

Since times immemorial, the human race has sought health, happiness and wealth —not necessarily in that order. Wars have been fought and lives have been lost due to the overwhelming desire of possessing them.

World Health Day: Coordinated approach needed to overcome anti-TB drug resistance

Some 440,000 cases of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) are identified each year, causing at least 150,000 deaths from a disease that should be curable. Extensively drug-resistant TB (XDR-TB), which has an even higher fatality rate, has now been reported in 69 countries.

Non-Communicable Diseases Outsmart Infectious Diseases

Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) - cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease and diabetes - are no longer diseases of the wealthy. They are responsible for 8 million deaths in the world’s poorest billion, largely composed of children and young adults.

Today World TB Day: 2011Project Axshya to reach 744 million people with TB control services

Clearly more needs to be done for effective tuberculosis (TB) control by reaching out to the unreached populations who are least likely to access existing TB care services.

Citizens demand to stop India's nuclear programme

Recent nuclear emergency in Japan leaves no doubt that this world needs to renounce nuclear power for military and civil/ energy purposes, as soon as possible, to put an end to any further catastrophe in the name of 'energy', 'power' or 'technology'.

Sleep Your Way To Health – World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day is held every year on March 18th, with a view to raise awareness about the merits of sleeping well for a healthy life. The theme for this year (2011) is promoting healthy sleep for all ages. Sleep is a basic human need—a crucial component of healthy living, much like breathing, eating and remaining physically fit.

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