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News Analysis

The Dreams Of The World, In The Palm Of Your Hand

“Every year almost 9 million children and infants die from preventable causes. 1 in 5 children are now over weight. Childhood obesity is 10 times higher than it was in 1970.”

Countering Terrorism

The scourge of terrorism poses a suffocating threat to our common values of decency and humanity and to our democratic way of life. The United Nations and, in particular, this Council should act with common purpose to assist with and respect the right of every sovereign State to free its territory from the abomination of terrorism, and to protect its people's right to life, peace, security and democracy.

The Ripple Effect of the Principle of Universal Jurisdiction

The concept of Universal Jurisdiction, which came into being in the aftermath of the Second World War, has been grabbing headlines in recent months on regular basis, both about its power and the potential for abuse, especially on foreign soil – with no geographical connection to where the alleged atrocities are said to have been committed in.

Forum Asia protests South Korean entry denial for well known human rights defenders

Seven Filipino human rights defenders and other South Asians who came to South Korea (SK) to attend the Seoul G20 International People’s Conference have been denied entry by the SK government, according to FORUM-ASIA. “Though all of them were granted South Korean visas prior to travel, they were prohibited from being admitted to the country since their names were on a blacklist” FORUM-ASIA said.

Peace Held Hostage to Rotating US, Israeli Elections

The statement by former U.S. President George W. Bush in his 497 – page memoir of “Decision Points” that a secret peace deal was worked out between the then-prime minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert, and Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, which “we devised a process to turn .. into a public agreement” had not Olmert been ousted by a scandal to be replaced in the following elections by Binyamin Netanyahu, who reneged on his predecessor’s commitments, is a piece of history which highlights the fact that peace making in the Arab – Israeli conflict and the peace process have been hostages to the rotating U.S. and Israeli elections since the Madrid peace conference of 1991.

Sri Lanka: The Challenge of Returning to Normalcy

After the end of the conflict, resettling the displaced who had streamed into the prepared camps was the immediate challenge.

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