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News Analysis

Hosni Mubark: the Rise and fall of a War Hero

When Muhhamed Hosni Mubarak finally quit the presidency on Friday, not only did he contradict himself by the defiance that he showed 24 hours before, but also managed to keep the world in suspense about his intentions.

Sri Lanka´s Master Plan to Lose the 2011 Cricket World Cup

The 2011 Cricket World Cup is upon us and this is an ideal time to revisit and update the article by this author published in The Asian Tribune on November 27, 2005 titled, What should be done to stop the decline in Sri Lankan Cricket?* The article was a reaction to the 6-1 trashing by India in the "Videocon Cup" cricket series.

Remaking Sri Lanka in the Rajapaksa Image?

Neither President Mahinda Rajapaksa nor his administration can be faulted for the calamitous weather conditions afflicting Sri Lanka. Global warming is a global phenomenon, an environmental malaise to which the entire world (and each one of its people) has contributed, to a greater or a lesser degree.

Raymond Davis case still making headlines

Recent incident of an American national Raymond Allen Davis involved in cold blooded murder of two Pakistanis in Lahore has given rise to many searching questions. The situation has become all the more shady and mysterious since his name and identity are fake and so was the car plate number in which he was traveling on the day of occurrence.

3 Sri Lankan Fishermen seized by Somali Pirates are sailing towards Sri Lanka

The three Sri Lankan fishermen released by the Smali pirates are now enroute to Sri Lanka in their fishing boat “Darshana 6”. Two other fishermen traveled in their boat at the time of seizing their boat were shot and killed by the pirates.

$2 billion-a-year military aid from U.S. to Egypt at the expense of human rights/democracy

When US Defense Secretary Robert Gates was asked by the media in Cairo, Egypt 05 May 2009 following his meetings with President Hosni Mubarak and his top defense team whether the U.S. military aid to that country was linked to human rights, he said the “position of the (Obama) administration is that as an example the foreign military financing that's in the (US) budget should be without conditions. And that is our sustained position”.

Bruce Fein to Sri Lanka: “I’m Back!!”

As former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced in “Terminator 2,” our old friend Bruce Fein announced to Sri Lanka that he was back in full-swing when he filed a lawsuit against President Mahinda Rajapaksa in Texas this past week while the President was on a private visit to see his family.

The Little Girl – La Nina – plays havoc in Sri Lanka causing woe and agony in the East

Unusual and unrelenting torrential rainy season with the erratic volatile weather has pummeled the Eastern, Northern, Central and North-Central regions of Sri Lanka which is called as a pearl of the Indian Ocean.

State of Freedom Struggle

As the experts had predicted, the SPDC stage-managed the November 7, 2010 elections to deliver landslide victory to the SPDC proxy party and pro-SPDC parties. Realizing that the SPDC has only the intention of perpetuating the oppressive military rule, major ceasefire ethnic organizations such as the KIO, NMSP, UWSP, SSPP-North and MNDDP have rejected the elections. They are now looking for cooperation with the non-ceasefire organizations such as the KNU, KNPP, ALP and CNF.

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