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News Analysis

Bruce Fein to Sri Lanka: “I’m Back!!”

As former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced in “Terminator 2,” our old friend Bruce Fein announced to Sri Lanka that he was back in full-swing when he filed a lawsuit against President Mahinda Rajapaksa in Texas this past week while the President was on a private visit to see his family.

The Little Girl – La Nina – plays havoc in Sri Lanka causing woe and agony in the East

Unusual and unrelenting torrential rainy season with the erratic volatile weather has pummeled the Eastern, Northern, Central and North-Central regions of Sri Lanka which is called as a pearl of the Indian Ocean.

State of Freedom Struggle

As the experts had predicted, the SPDC stage-managed the November 7, 2010 elections to deliver landslide victory to the SPDC proxy party and pro-SPDC parties. Realizing that the SPDC has only the intention of perpetuating the oppressive military rule, major ceasefire ethnic organizations such as the KIO, NMSP, UWSP, SSPP-North and MNDDP have rejected the elections. They are now looking for cooperation with the non-ceasefire organizations such as the KNU, KNPP, ALP and CNF.

National Anthems, Terror-Waves, Miniskirts and the Rajapaksa Modus Operandi

The ‘Sinhala Only’ National Anthem is a reality. Its inaugural manifestation took place at a tsunami commemoration ceremony in Jaffna, at the tail-end of 2010. The students of Jaffna Hindu College and Vambadi Girls School were compelled to sing the National Anthem in Sinhala, a language they are unfamiliar with; provincial authorities, under orders from Colombo, ignored the complaints of the students about the impossibility of learning the pronunciation of unaccustomed words in a very short time.

Boosting The Colombo Stock Exchange

Colombo Stock Exchange of Sri Lanka has a considerable history as it was originated by the influence of London Stock Exchange, which listed major plantation companies in Ceylon. Colombo Stock Exchange has been limited to service for several selected companies in the country and several decades ago it was also shown as a play ground of some business giants in the country and there were several cases in relation to outside equity interest or minority shareholders.

The Macroeconomic Stability That Sri Lanka Desperately Needs To Pursue

After twenty five years civil war, it is quite visible that Sri Lanka is highly enthusiastic achieving a rapid and sustainable economic growth with a view to providing economic comfort to the nation. There is no doubt that all who, were born in Sri Lanka, whether they are in the country or living in overseas do support to this enthusiastic ambition of Sri Lankan nation.

US National Interest makes Pakistan recipient of military aid despite human rights abuses

As we are about to unfold in these columns that the U.S. Department of State in an eight-page report dated December 23 about gross violations of human rights by Pakistani security forces but continue to provide enhanced military assistance to that country on the basis of “US National Interests” clearly softening the infamous Leahy Amendment ratified a decade ago by the US Senate that military aid should be withheld to nations that abuse human rights practices, the Asian Tribune will recall what senior officials of the Obama administration declared ‘different approach to different nations’ when military aid and human rights are mixed in a single package.

Asian Mass Media Awards 2010 turns a new page in the 'world of media'

There are many events and awards ceremonies that transcend others. Sri Lanka Asian Mass Media Foundation is one such which turned a brand new page in the world of media by organizing the first-ever Asian Mass Media Awards 2010 held in grand style in Colombo on December 27, 2010.

Thailand Extends Helping Hand To Sri Lanka

A business delegation from Thailand will visit Colombo soon to study how and in what areas this Southeast Asian country could help Sri Lanka in the post-conflict era in which reconstruction and rehabilitation have come to the fore.

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