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News Analysis

US targeted assasinations: “US Government cannot act as judge, jury and executioner”

The most outspoken congressman in the United States Dennis Kucinich who opposed the invasion of Iraq and the expansion of the military battle in Afghanistan while vehemently being critical of some of the provisions of the PATROT Act brought after the 9/11 attack as violating fundamental rights has presented a bill in the House prohibiting killings or assasinations of Americans suspected of working with terrorist groups.

Hambantota International Harbour - A Dream Come True

At a time when news about disasters all around take priority over development news, the appeal of that indefatigable young engineer Dr. Priyath Bandu Wickrema, Chairman of Sri Lanka Ports Authority calling the people of Sri Lanka to visit Hambantota harbor site and see the brown virgin earth getting covered with sea water brought tears to my eyes.

The ‘uncrowned king’ and Indian antics

There is a pithy Sinhala saying that even if you open your mouth to lie, your tongue cannot lie. A person’s true intentions will come out sooner or later.

GDP has no link to social welfare integration

The Right to Information (RTI) has normally been achieved due to constitutional crisis or during a political crisis and Gross National Product (GDP) does not reflect the true integration of social welfare to the people as exampled by China where on their own statistics of Chinese Government the country has the maximum number of social riots, said Dr Gopakumar Thampi, CEO, Affiliated Network for Social Accountability of South Asia and the Global Partnership Fund, Bangladesh, at a lecture given by him on “Right to Information” organized by the Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies, last week in Colombo.

Should tuberculosis (TB)-preventive therapy (IPT) be given to all?

A raging issue on the first day of XVIII International AIDS Conference was whether Isoniazid (INH) Preventive Therapy (IPT) be given to all –regardless whether people have TB or not?

No Practical Agenda for People of Burma, Ahead of Sham Elections

Burma is still in a socioeconomic nightmare under the inhumane military reign for the past half a century. In time of every important international meeting, people of Burma hope for their chance to liberty. As always, they also looked for their chance during the 43rd ASEAN Foreign Ministerial Meeting (AMM) and the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) in Hanoi July 19-23, 2010.

Hepatitis C: Cure and control, right now!

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) co-infection occurs in an estimated one quarter of HIV-infected persons in Europe, Australia, and the United States. “As use of highly active antiretroviral drugs has markedly reduced opportunistic infections, HCV-related liver disease has emerged as a leading cause of death.

Catholic Church protest: Distortion of whose history?

The media reported recently that Sri Lanka’s Roman Catholic clergy is reacting in spontaneous protest against the Education Department’s history text books. It is however not clear which sections and paragraphs in these books the clergy is referring to.

Wikileaks-US's Afghan war diary 2004-2009

War diary is an account of daily events occurring during war. Each HQ/unit/intelligence agency maintains this diary which subsequently helps in finalizing war history. While the unit in the field records the events based on its limited internal resources, higher HQs and intelligence agencies make their assessments based on intelligence reports, agents, intercepts, information provided by friendly intelligence agencies, source reports, electronic and print media, internet, satellite communication, etc.

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