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News Analysis

Murali is Bradman of Bowling

Murali is Bradman in bowling! There is not doubt on his abilities. His contribution has been so significant in the success story of Sri Lankan cricket. As a person he is always positive towards competition and always loyal to the country. He is every inch a team player and in many ways his unselfish attitude would contribute against his personal performance.

Highest financial allocation to develop and uplift the North – President

The historic meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Sri Lanka government was held in a location close to the Iranamadu Tank.

Ban Ki Moon’s Expert Panel and revisiting the real Human Rights culprits

It is not without reason that Ban Ki Moon is being vilified for degrading his role as the custodian of world peace, not that other UN Secretary General’s have faired any better but it is becoming increasingly clear that the UN and its officials are becoming agents of Western imperialism.

The Weerawansa fast; At best, an amateur local performance, and at worst, no dent made in UNSG resolve

Minister Wimal Weerawansa’a protest against the UN Secretary General and his aborted fast on to death, was ill planned, amateurish and strategically an embarrassment to Sri Lanka. While no one wishes the Minister to have carried out his fast on to death threat to fruition, he should have never started it in the first place if he felt it would not achieve his stated objective.

United States violates ILO Convention 182 allowing child labor – Investigative report says

“The United States is not fulfilling its commitment under International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention 182 "to take Immediate and effective measures to secure the prohibition and elimination of the worst forms of child labor as a matter of urgency." Current US law allows children to work long hours in hazardous jobs” reveals a well investigated report released by International Labor Rights Forum (IRLF) last month.

Defending National Sovereignty, Selectively

The 2010 budget was presented to the Sri Lankan parliament on June 29th. The IMF announced its approval of the budget on June 28th – i.e. one day before the budget was presented to the parliament. Given this timeline only one conclusion is possible – that the budget was presented for IMF approved before it was presented for parliamentary approval. So much for national sovereignty!

US double standards: British Petroleum disaster in the US and Bhopal calamity in India

When President Barak Obama went after BP and demanded a $20 billion dollar fund be set up for victims of the Gulf oil spill, the people of India were furious. They saw a US double standard. The US demonstrated it values human life within the US more than the lives of the people of India.

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