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News Analysis

Tuberculosis And Poverty: Partners By Default

There is a direct link between TB and poverty. It is indeed a vicious cycle, as one begets the other. The stark reality is that tuberculosis saps the economy of the community, which in turn increases the likelihood of contracting TB.

The Fonseka Verdict: Justice Betrayed

I am not a supporter of Gen. Sarath Fonseka; nor did I vote for him at the last presidential election. I had been appalled by the Sinhala supremacist pronouncements he used to make during his tenure as the Army Commander.

Reconciliation Commission – a small step in pleasing the West but a giant leap towards ultimate reconciliation

I listened to the short interview on BBC Radio 4 conducted by Martha Kearney, the Irish-born news presenter, with Mr Nihal Jayasinghe, the Sri Lankan High Commissioner in London yesterday, almost by accident.

Sri Lanka: The EU Hands Itself a Red Card

A red card is a serious matter in football. The Europeans who are football mad know its significance. If a player is handed a red card, he is sent out of the game.

How legitimate are the recommendations of the “Elders”

A former presidential spokesman has forwarded a list of recommendations given in a statement issued on 3rd August 2010 by “The Elders” calling upon the Governments of India, Japan, China and US to impress upon GOSL to implement 7 remedial steps that 14 members of the retired “elders” club have drawn up.

‘Vapas chalo’ Accord & Hariharan

Col R Hariharan (HR) formerly of the IPKF that was amongst others cursed and hated by the Northern Tamils appears to be fixated with a ‘until death do us part’ wish to exculpate the performance of that force in SL in 1987-90.

Minister ties official to a tree: With friends like these, who needs enemies?

The contemporary public perception about politicians in Sri Lanka is that getting into politics is an investment for their future, and not the future of the country they profess to serve. This cynicism seems well founded and well established, not for specific reasons of truism, but because very few politicians have demonstrated otherwise.

US targeted assasinations: “US Government cannot act as judge, jury and executioner”

The most outspoken congressman in the United States Dennis Kucinich who opposed the invasion of Iraq and the expansion of the military battle in Afghanistan while vehemently being critical of some of the provisions of the PATROT Act brought after the 9/11 attack as violating fundamental rights has presented a bill in the House prohibiting killings or assasinations of Americans suspected of working with terrorist groups.

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