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News Analysis

Sri Lanka's delayed enforcement Commissions coming in August, highly active Elections Commission reconstituted

Sri Lanka has decided to resurrect two defunct law enforcement commissions come August. They will arrive after the new constitutional amendments are effected in July, a national newspaper in Colombo reported today.

Pak national with suspected 26/11 link held in Zimbabwe

A Pakistani national suspected to be linked to the 2008 Mumbai terror attack, was nabbed in Zimbabwe while attempting to enter South Africa, raising fears that terror groups could be trying to target the FIFA World Cup underway now.

Women to the fore in Australia; Julia Gillard joins an illustrious group

Julia Eileen Gillard has been sworn in as the 27th Prime Minister of Australia. She is the first female Prime Minister in Australia's history. She joins an illustrious line up of important female personalities in the current political life in Australia.

Sacking Gen McChrystal will not end misfortunes of USA in Afghanistan

With so many wise heads cobbled together in Kabul devising strategy how to finish the endgame in Afghanistan on a winning note, none has been able to come out with a workable and viable plan. George Bush led team intoxicated with power relied entirely on force and itched to crush any opposition coming their way.

The “Selective” application of international laws

Most thought that with the formation of the UN world peace would prevail and international laws that were supposed to apply equally to all nations would ensure a country whether big or small, powerful or not would be given the same justice, the same voice and the same hearing. We all are aware that the expectations do not match the actualities and in this context we examine the situation facing Sri Lanka.

UN Expert Panel on Sri Lanka: The illegitimate child of a Ban Ki Moon second term bid and Western pressure

The UN Secretary General Mr Ban Ki Moon has obviously succumbed to pressure from Western quarters as he wants their support for his second term bid when his current term ends on 31st December 2011.

Sri Lanka opposes ‘Sri Lanka Panel of Experts’ appointed by UN Secretary General

The Government of Sri Lanka has strongly opposed the appointment, by the Secretary General of the United Nations, of the Sri Lanka-Panel of Experts, announced by his Spokesperson in New York on June 22.

LTTE and the Tamil Diaspora

The term ‘diaspora,’ like ‘ethnicity,’ is of contemporary usage with origins in the Greek lexicon. It literally meant “a scattering of seeds” and therefore it is appropriate to use the term for ‘scattered populations or communities’ without any value attached.

TN Chief Minister Karunanidhi welcomes LTTE support for World Classical Tamil Conference

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and Dravidian Patriarch M Karunanidhi has welcomed outlawed LTTE's lauding of the World Tamil Classical conference at Coimbatore, but said its remark that Tamils of the state have not taken steps to protect them will create a "needless controversy".

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