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The debacle of the private sector pension bill: Time to reintroduce White Papers?

Irrespective of whether the private sector pension bill is good or bad, its aborted passage, temporary according to the government, has demonstrated a flaw in the way important legislation progresses through Parliament.

Victory Day Of Sri Lanka: A reply to Tisaranee Gunasekera

An article written by TG (Asian Tribune 29 May) on the above caption is an absolute disgrace to Sri Lankan military personnel and all Sri Lankans. Her articles are normally supportive of Tamil Ealam concept. She is against Buddhism. She is against Mahinda Rajapakse regime much more than Ranil Wickremasinghe. But she is supportive of Tamil Eelam.

They can’t hide behind the beard!

Radovan Karadzic the Serbian war criminal was arrested after information provided to investigators by The Hague’s other most wanted man, Ratko Mladic, according to German intelligence sources.

Molding Sri Lanka’s graduates into Leaders & Suggestion for National Service

As customary there is much hue & cry over the grand initiative to provide a phased out 3-week leadership training for 22,000 undergraduates with food, lodging (separate for males & females) and attire that will include 171 periods of learning.

National survival: Invoking the warrior spirit

This month has been a very significant for Sri Lanka in the past four decades. May 21 is National Heroes Day. May 22 Republic Day and May 18 is the Day that the LTTE terrorists were finally crushed after nearly three decades. The event will be celebrated on May 27 on a grand scale.

Laugfs Holdings to diversify in to Education Sector

Laugfs Holdings in a media release stated that Laugfs is entering in to the Education Sector and is having discussions with a number of foreign universities.

McCreery wins teenage duel

You close your eyes, you will never imagine that you are listening to a 17 year old; such was the voice of the talented country singer Scotty McCreery. He mesmerized the audience with his unbelievable voice and singing style.

Netanyahu dashes all hopes for peace

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has dashed all hopes for peace in his speeches to the Joint Session of Congress on Tuesday and to AIPAC the previous day. His firm ‘no’ for 1967 border, division of Jerusalem and return of Palestinian refugees has tightly closed the door for any chance of peace talk.

Anachronism of FUTA Trade Union Action and the Crisis of the Universities?

I am Professor Shantha Hennayake and I did not support the token strike on March 15th and I did not resign from the Headship of the Department of Geography as wanted by the trade union action initiated by Federation of University Teachers Association (FUTA) to demand a salary hike.

The US-Media cartoons on bin Laden killing and what free-balanced reporting means

The Asian Tribune has been very closely scrutinizing the reporting, analyses and commentaries in American media, both the print and electronic, following the US Navy SEAL descent on the Pakistani soil in Abbottabad, a garrison city 35 miles outside of Capital Islamabad totally without the knowledge of the Pakistani government on May 2 that killed the al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

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