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The Changing Regional Landscape

First came the words, tough, unequivocal and uncompromising, the new chief minister keeping a promise to her electorate. Jayalalitha Jeyaram piloted a needle-sharp resolution through the Tamil Nadu regional assembly demanding that the Centre impose economic sanctions on Sri Lanka. The resolution passed unanimously.

A massive propaganda drive

Israel is involved in a massive propaganda drive to counter Palestinian UN bid. It is reported that secret cables have been sent to all Israeli embassies to exert maximum pressure on the countries they are in to thwart the international recognition of Palestinian state.

History Repeats: Congress and Indian Government in serious crisis

The Indian National Congress (I) and the central Government are now in the deep pit of a very serious crisis.

Sri Lanka’s Private Sector Pension Bill, Providing Oxygen to Opposition, and the Government’s Dilemma

The proposed Private Sector Pensions Bill, and the attempts made by the issueless opposition political parties to take advantage of this Bill to mislead and stage agitations which resulted in the death of an innocent worker and the lackluster attitude of many Ministers to face the reality and attempting to dump everything at the doorstep of the President.

Channel 4 Video; Even the authencity of the video does not prove perpetrators were government soldiers

An independent United Nations human rights expert has called on Sri Lankan authorities to thoroughly investigate the apparent execution of several men by Government soldiers, saying a disputed video of the incident seems to be authentic. Christopher Heyns, the UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, described the killings shown on the video – whose authenticity has been contested by the Sri Lankan Government – as “textbook examples of extrajudicial executions.”

Nordic Greens “hearing” in European Parliament has no official standing, a mere gimmick - Ambassador Aryasinha

Sri Lanka's Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg and the EU Ravinatha Aryasinha has made the following comment about the so called "hearing” held at the European Parliament on 01 June 2011 titled "Sri Lanka Two years after the war: will the perpetrators be brought to justice?”

The debacle of the private sector pension bill: Time to reintroduce White Papers?

Irrespective of whether the private sector pension bill is good or bad, its aborted passage, temporary according to the government, has demonstrated a flaw in the way important legislation progresses through Parliament.

Victory Day Of Sri Lanka: A reply to Tisaranee Gunasekera

An article written by TG (Asian Tribune 29 May) on the above caption is an absolute disgrace to Sri Lankan military personnel and all Sri Lankans. Her articles are normally supportive of Tamil Ealam concept. She is against Buddhism. She is against Mahinda Rajapakse regime much more than Ranil Wickremasinghe. But she is supportive of Tamil Eelam.

They can’t hide behind the beard!

Radovan Karadzic the Serbian war criminal was arrested after information provided to investigators by The Hague’s other most wanted man, Ratko Mladic, according to German intelligence sources.

Molding Sri Lanka’s graduates into Leaders & Suggestion for National Service

As customary there is much hue & cry over the grand initiative to provide a phased out 3-week leadership training for 22,000 undergraduates with food, lodging (separate for males & females) and attire that will include 171 periods of learning.

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