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Playing for the country: Business or a sacred affair?

We, Sri Lankans expected to repeat the performance of 1996 world cup. But anyway it has not happened .Sri Lankans did well.Now we have to target for 2015 world cup ,which will be played in Australia and New Zealand.

World Cup: Will Sri Lankan Selectors Accept Responsibility?

The loss of world cup could be largely due to the lopsided selections of the team. Right from the inception there were severe criticisms on the lack of skilled all-rounder and middle-order craftsmen. Inclusion of Angelo Mathews, Chamara Silva, Tissera Perera were too early at this level of cricket.

Bennett Rupesinghe: Prosecution as Persecution?

Bennet Rupersinghe, the News Editor of the outspokenly anti-government website, Lanka e news, was arrested and remanded last week. Though the fate of this 68 year old veteran journalist comes as a shock, it should not.Lanka e news is a major voice of dissent in a time of deafening silence; it also serves as a source of information about the Rajapaksas and their not-so-public doings for a wide range of people, from local and foreign media personnel to concerned citizens.

Though Cricket World cup final unpredictable, Dhoni will be the 2nd captain to lift it for India

India’s numerologist predicts that the results of the Cricket World Cup battle in the final are almost unpredictable. “Still I find that India will miraculously escape from the Lankan Tsunami and Dhoni will be the 2nd captain to lift the WC for India”.

Time to Trade “International Community” for Bilateral Relations

It goes without saying that the Somali political problem can only be solved if and when all those actors who are in contention are willing to engage in serious peace negotiation and reconciliation.

America’s enduring craze for destruction

The US past and present gives credence to the fact that there is no other country matching its destructive game play. The US used incendiary bombs against German cities in 1942 and adopted it as a strategy. Both the US and British air forces carried out massive night bombing of Dresden in 1945 resulting in 55000-250,000 casualties.

ICC world cup: Statistics and commentators

Sri Lanka has beaten England in a fine style by 10 wickets and almost 10 overs to spare. But once England scored 229 runs the TV commentators were in the view that “England put a good score to fight with Sri Lanka”.

Hillary Clinton: US administration’s new face on Libyan mess – Obama takes back seat- NATO Takes over

It is the president of the United States who walks through a massive Mahogany door to meet the press corps in the White House, when the administration wants to give a major statement to the nation and the world. Americans or the world viewers have never seen the U.S. president’s chief diplomat, the Secretary of State, walking elegantly and a royal manner through a massive brown Mahogany door to make a vital statement on behalf of the administration to the nation and the world.

Sri Lanka probes the activities of certain foreign funded NGOs

As a result of recent revelations made in the Sri Lankan newspapers that certain NGOs in Sri Lanka, particularly three NGOs who were strongly and continuously advocating on behalf of the militarily vanquished LTTE, received huge funds from foreign sources and continue to receive these funds, the government has directed the Criminal Investigation Department to investigate how some of the NGOs spent funds received from various countries and foreign NGOs.

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