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He is loved or feared?

It is really sad that some ‘leaders’ do not understand the difference between love and fear. Qaddafi of Libya claims that his people loved him but what we see from this uprising is, in fact, they have been living in fear of this tyrant, 42 long years.

The Rajapaksa Sri Lanka: On the Wrong Side of History

“As he launched a series of murderous attacks against the protesting Libyan people, in a desperate bid prolong his 42 year-rule, Libya’s self styled ‘Brother Leader of the Revolution’ Muammar Gaddafi had a telephone conversation with Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa. According to Libya’s official Al-Jamahiriyah TV,

Lalin’s Column: The Major who tried to control Muamar Gaddafi in Sri Lanka (1976)

Colonel Gaddafi visited SL in 1976 for the Non Aligned Conference in 1976 and was an immediate hit because of his maverick behaviour. His first personal contact with SL officials was at the previous Non Aligned Meeting in Algeria. He sent out an invitation to Mrs Bandaranayke the Prime Minister to have afternoon tea with him.

Filipinos the architects

How could one forget the Filipinos, who showed the world that what ‘people power’ could do when they are united? Now, they are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their EDSA, which ousted the dictator, Ferdinand Marcos.

LTTE moves to regroup: West on the alert

Last month (January), Canada seized all properties and bank assets of World Tamil Movement worth millions of dollars raised through illegal means including extortions, debit/credit card scams and human, narcotics and arms trafficking. Canada’s World Tamil Movement was registered as a non-profit organization claiming to be engaged in Humanitarian work, but they funded and provided weapons to the LTTE.

Tale of Two Friends in Hot Water: Silvio Berlusconi of Italy and Col Gadaafi of Libya

During the past few weeks, the unthinkable happened: most of the Middle East has been in flames; the autocratic rulers, who once were flamboyant characters, have been reduced to folks with a charisma of a 15-Watt light bulb; strong men have been toppled; and the remaining despots are getting nervous and seeking exit strategies.

Relationship between Marketing and Buddhism-An Analysis of Eightfold Path

In contemporary management people are taking more on marketing which is must in the business world. On the other hand Buddhism is becoming popular in western countries for a number of reasons; The first good reason is Buddhism has answers to many of the problems in modern materialistic societies. Even it can be considered as fast grown religion in UK Jails.

Is it time that fair minded Sri Lankan Tamils worked towards a vision of one country for all people?

The immediate reaction from many Tamils would be, “well we tried and the Sinhala political leaders were the ones who prevented this from happening”. While there is some truth in that response, it is also true that whatever anyone tried was during a different era, when issues were different, Sri Lanka was different and the world was different.

CFA Ranil defends SL’s sovereignty

Ranil the co author of the CFA has gone ballistic again. He has now switched to giving free classes in revivalist history. It is his contrived way of asserting his party leadership as his party had started toppling him - something that is taking considerable more time here than it took for Saddam’s statue to fall in Baghdad or Mubarak to quit Egypt.

Weekly Spotlight

Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s will-he-won’t-he approach to the 2013 presidential candidacy will come to focus soon now that the local polls are over.

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