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Doha Talks Sound The Death Knell Of Industrial Development

The Centre for Trade and Development (Centad) and Third World Network (TWN), in collaboration with Our World Is Not for Sale (OWINFS), recently organized a very lively and informative workshop to discuss the current undercurrents of the Doha talk.

British Referendum – Britons can learn from Sri Lanka

Around forty six million British people will go to poll on 5th of May 2011, at a referendum which is the first UK-wide referendum in more than 30 years and also the second in the British history. The purpose of the first British referendum was to end the turbulences in Harold Wilson’s Labour Government about the Britain’s membership of the European Common market. Current referendum is to seek the approval of the British people to change the “first past the post” electoral system to proportionate representative system.

Isolate TNA until they denounce Vaddukoddai resolution. Let Srilanka not bend to TNA’s pressure tactics

It was on the 14th May of 1976, at Vaddukoddai, the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) under the Chairmanship of S.J.V.Chelvanayakam Q.C, M.P (K.K.S) adopted the Vaddukoddai Resolution, which radicalized the entire Tamil population of the North and east, which also played a greater role in militarizing the Tamil youths and diminished the political role of the Tamil community.

Lalin’s Column: Ban Ki-moon- Report and facts.

‘Prabakaran declared war on SL on four different occasions from 1985 even while peace talks were on. When he looked like winning, the Diaspora romanticised war, calling his cadres ‘boys’ etc. When SL and IPKF soldiers died and thousands of Sinhalese civilians were murdered, the LTTE and its supporters were exultant.

Moon report is aimed at division of Sri Lanka

A delegation of Sri Lankan Tamils settled in Europe attempted to hand over a petition to UN human rights office in Geneva on 9th April 2009, demanding UN intervention to stop SL military offensive against tigers.

Responding to the Darusman Report, the Tiger Way

Gopalaswami Mahendraraja alias Mahattaya was a Tiger leader and a Tamil hero, until Vellupillai Pirapaharan decided that he was an arch-traitor. Once the Leader branded his erstwhile deputy a betrayer, the Tamils were expected to fall in line, disregarding Mahattaya’s sterling record of service to the Eelam cause.

The UN is Now an International Joke

The Preamble to the United Nations Charter expresses the very highest ideals that countries might live by as guidelines for achieving world peace: tolerance for others, universal human rights, economic and social advancement for all. The Preamble set the intention for all countries to rise together in harmony as the world recovered from the devastation of two World Wars.

Why the Darusman Report?

On a dark January night in 2006, five students were killed in the town of Trincomalee. The authorities initially claimed that the victims were Tiger cadres who died when the explosives they were carrying went off prematurely.

El Bardei calls for probe

Nobel Laureate Mohamed El Baradei suggests that US leaders during Bush’s administration should be probed for war crimes. He condemns the grotesque distortion in the run-up to the 2003 Iraq invasion.

The flip side of Ban Ki-moon's Report

Whether the UN releases the full report or decides to make amendments to it, what has resulted is nothing that the UN or Western interests would have desired. Their strategies may have worked in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Egypt and now in Libya but these game plans have not worked in Sri Lanka.

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