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Sri Lankan context has changed admits World Tamil Movement (WTM)

In the wake of a ruling by a Canadian Federal Court ordering the forfeiture of property belonging to Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) front organization- World Tamil Movement (WTM), pro-Tiger groups in Canada and elsewhere are beginning to accept the ground reality prevailing in Sri Lanka, where Tamils want reconciliation and development rather than secession and civil strife.

Felony Rules

One million people, including 400,000 children, are facing a food crisis in Sri Lanka, in the aftermath of the recent floods, according to media reports. The absolute majority of these potential victims would be from the Eastern and Central provinces. For many of the victims from the Eastern province, who weathered the Tsunami and survived the war, this will be the third devastation in just five years.

United States Has a Choice in Tunisia

The ongoing Tunisian Intifada (uprising) cannot yet quite be termed a revolution; Tunisians are still revolting, aspiring for bread and freedom. This Intifada will go in history as a revolution if it gets either bread or freedom and as a great revolution if it gets both.

Sri Lanka world cup Squad 2011-better than 1996 winning squad

It is only few days away for the World cup 2011. The Countdown has begun. This is the tenth world cup and hosted by Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh. It will be Bangladesh's first time co-hosting a Cricket World Cup.

Un-ending Model Failures in Economics and Weather Forecasting

It is Economics that became a source of jokes during the financial crisis that almost brought the world to its knees in the last two years. The human reactions to the way the economists got things wrong range from Royal eye-browse-raising to harsh presidential remarks: for instance, upon hearing the state of the British economy during the recession, the Queen of England was said to have remarked, “how come, no one saw it was coming; it is terrible.”

Tunisian President Flees: First Revolution Instigated by Social Media

President Ben Ali, the ex-president of Tunisia is on the run, after making some futile gestures to keep the protest movement at bay – and at the eleventh hour. But, to no avail. He fired all barrels for a miracle: he first fired his interior minister; then fired the government; when neither worked, he chose to flee. At present, his whereabouts are unknown. President Sarkozy has turned down a request made by him for seeking asylum in France.

Christian Arabs’ Plight: Foreign ‘Protection’ Counterproductive

Suddenly, the U. S. - European alliance is acting to protect the “existence” of the Christian Arab minority against the Muslim Arab majority whose very existence is besieged and threatened by this same alliance, drawing on a wide spread Islamophobia while at the same time exacerbating Islamophobia among western audiences whom the international financial crisis is now crushing to the extent that it does not spare them time or resources to question the real political motives of their governments, which have been preoccupied for decades now with restructuring the Arab world geographically, demographically, politically and culturally against the will of its peoples with a pronounced aim of creating a “new Middle East.”

The truth & lies of life in Post-War Jaffna

My first impressions of post-war Jaffna peninsula was certainly not how it was made out to be by both western and local media, missing too was the horrific scenarios supposed to be taking place on a regular basis.

A request to minister Basil Rajapakse

While appreciating the energetic minister’s tireless work in promoting tourism and foreign investment into our land, I would like to point out to him the shortcoming of the non availability of any literature on Sri Lanka in Arabic.

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