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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 83

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Jimmy Carter blasts Obama for widespread abuses of human rights

The former president (76-80) of the United States Jimmy Carter, a well respected human rights promoter world-wide blasted his Democratic Party's incumbent president Barack Obama and his administration of blatant violations of human rights.

People in the North Should Have the Same Rights

The discriminatory application of rights of the people in the North and the South came into sharp focus, when the police prohibited peaceful protests to be launched in front of the Jaffna bus stand on 19th Tuesday, as the police hurriedly obtained a court order the previous day.

VP stakes an intense political calculus for Romney

Picking a Vice President has caused consternation in the past for many. Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee is exhibiting some birth pangs ushering in a compatible protégé to energize the party--an intense political calculus, according to many analysts. Past picks like Jack Kemp, Dan Quayle, Al Gore, John Edwards and Sarah Palin bring unforgettable memories.

Warmest congratulations to Crown Prince Salman

Prince Salman’s appointment as Crown Prince and the deputy prime minister has been widely welcomed by the well-wishers of the kingdom.

Obama turns focus away from economy towards immigration

President Obam brought in what many have called a game-changer, announcing a move towards a more equitable society for some of America's most marginalized residents, the children of illegal immigrants now found in millions across the country. They will not be deported.

Dangerous Pronouncements of Mohan Pieris on ‘Reconciliation’

When the Asian Tribune, probably the Editor KT Rajasingham himself, raised the important issue of ‘confidence’ as a possible barrier for the TNA and the UNP to so far nominate their representatives to the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC), Mohan Pieris, in an interview on 12 June 2012, characterized it as “being selfish,” and lambasted saying “What is confidence? They are enjoying all the perks of their offices they hold. They enjoy all the material benefits every other government members enjoy. What is this confidence they talk of?”

Whither Sarath Fonseka?

The inscrutable question—will Sri Lankans cozy up to Sarath Fonseka and how soon? This is now being talked of—it is atempestuous topic. Only Sarath Fonseka can create the path ahead and that too only with judicious action and timing. I have presented some views on leadership below and it looks as if Sarath Fonseka has a stiff hill to climb

US Elections: Obama vs. Romney-personality or performance?

The US electorate these days seemed focused on the question what would make the pendulum shift to produce a winning candidate—personal magnetism or the promise of better performance, if elected. The debate seemed based on the manner previous candidates fared at general elections. Negative and positive personal images are being contrasted with a vengeance now.

Lasith Malinga- Sri Lankan who brings glamour to Cricket- Event Ambassador for world T20-2012

ICC named fast bowler Lasith Malinga as event ambassador for the world Twenty20 tournament taking place in Sri Lanka in September and October 2012.

UNP refuses to participate in the Parliamentary Select Committee: Are they supporting a separate State in the North and East?

The UNP has announced that they will not nominate a representative to the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) until the government enters into an understanding with the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) about the direction of the PSC.

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