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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 75

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‘Burmese Lessons’ for Sri Lanka

I am here not talking about Karen Connelly’s popular love story by the name of ‘Burmese Lessons,’ but rather Aung San Suu Kyi’s entry into Parliament yesterday as the leader of the opposition in Myanmar (or Burma) with 42 other members who were elec

The Government must apologise to the Muslim community

The violent mob attack on the Dambulla Muslim Mosque in the presence of the Police on 20 April is a serious event that can ignite communal disharmony in the country, including open violence, if the government fails to apologise to the Muslim community and take appropriate action to thwart the efforts by communal elements among its own ranks to create rift and mischief.

Sri Lanka's road to peaceful co-existence

Following a protracted and violent civil war that lasted for more than 26 years costing thousands of lives and destruction of property, it would have been natural to assume that Sri Lanka would set itself on the path of healing through national reconciliation with all its peoples; Buddhists, Tamils and Muslims.

13, 13+, Peace, Reconciliation and Other Mirages

The mini-war in Kelaniya displays, in microcosmic form, the future that is in store for Sri Lanka under Rajapaksa Rule.

Sri Lanka, University Lecturers and Brain Drain-High time to solve the problem/s

On 26th of April , The Federation of University Teachers Association (FUTA) protested in Colombo over government's failure to fulfil the previous promises made to the university teachers and more importantly in order to convince the importance of education for the de-velopment of the country.

Republican nominee Romney ready to take on President Obama

Mitt Romney launched a blistering attack on President Obama stating that would be the economy that will decide who wins in November.

With the new exchange rate Burma need the World Bank

After the second military coup in 1962 (first was a caretaker government in 1959) the Burmese Military Junta under Ne Win used to boast about their finances as how much exchange they have saying that the exchange rate of Kyat 6.4 to one US dollar would never depreciate.

Ceasefire under fire

It was not comfortable to read the news that the Assam Rifles violated ceasefire ground rules. But the quick admission of that by the Chairman of the Cease Fire Monitoring Group (CFMG), Maj Gen (Retd) N George is appreciated. Let us discuss why we should protect peace.

The Extremist Way

April has been an educative month, so far. In the first week of April, white-vanning reached new levels of omnipotence and omnipresence.

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