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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 75

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Army Involvement in Dilithura Ethnic Violence: A Dangerous Trend

As the reports so far confirm, the catalyst for violence against Tamil civilians in a southern ‘estate-hamlet’ of Dilithura in Sri Lanka is a serving army soldier and his companions in the nearby village.

King hunts elephants while his people hunt for jobs!

King Carlos’s extravagant trip to Botswana, hunting elephants has come under severe criticism while his country is reeling from economic crisis. If not for Carlos’s nasty accident while hunting elephant, none will ever come to know the colossal amount spent on the trip.

34 NE MPs need one voice to solve racial problems at Delhi

The violence perpetrated on the northeast students including girls by the locals and their landlord in nation’s capital and also the Police’s subsequent refusal to admit their FIRs against the culprits is only the repetition of the past. On many occasions, most of the crimes, which could have been averted, took place due to the inattentiveness of the Police personnel in Delhi.

Human Rights Council and Sri Lanka - What Next?

As the dust settles following the bruising vote on Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva (HRC), a number of questions arise and one needs to take stock; how could this have happened, why Sri Lanka, and what next?

Tsunami as a part of a Life: Sri Lankan Experience

The Date was 11th April 2012.The time was around 1415 local time in Sri Lanka. I was stunned by the shake. However again I thought that was something came from the body. But after 15-25 minutes, news came across the media that a powerful 8.6 magnitude earthquake and strong aftershocks struck off Indonesia.

A man with an outstanding memory

The single most important attribute given to the well-known anti-war activist, George Galloway, is the quality of his memory, which is virtually photographic in relation to the spoken and written word along with his passion. This explains the reason for his success as an orator.

FIA’s Countrywide Campaign against Piracy Software

A long awaited campaign against stealers of intellectual property has been launched by Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). The countrywide crackdown on corporate users of unlicensed computer software would defiantly curb the menace of piracy and also attract foreign financiers to invest in the speedy growing IT field.

UNCHRC Resolution aftermath: Inconvenient truths and possible diplomatic remedies

For committed partisans, it's always fun to denounce the ignorance of the other side's voters. Unfortunately, partisan activists tend to ignore the inconvenient truth that their own party's voters are just as bad - Ilya Somin, Associate professor of law at George Mason University and author of the bookDemocracy and Political Ignorance

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