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President Mahinda Rajapaksa will change the history of our world, Sri Lankan people opine

“He was the first leader in the 21st century to defeat terrorism and we were the front runners of it. I am happy to serve in the world’s best army,” says a camouflaged Sri Lankan Army soldier standing near Hilton Colombo checking daily in and out human traffic that enters the twin towers of Colombo.

Freedom without responsibility demeans and curtails freedom, and breeds irresponsible citizens

As much as freedom without responsibility demeans and curtails freedom, and breeds irresponsible citizens, responsibility without freedom can have equally detrimental consequences.

Diabetes And TB: Do Not Neglect One At Cost Of Other

The discussions at the recently concluded 41st Union World Conference on Lung Health, in Berlin, brought forth several connections between diabetes and tuberculosis, clearly showing a link between non communicable and communicable diseases.

What Obama will do next?

Barack Obama promised during the presidential elections, that he will close down Guantanmo, something yet to be fulfilled by him but he did try a detainee in a US civilian court.

F35 fighter planes as incentive

US is offering 20 F35 fighter planes as an incentive to its spoilt child, Israel for just 90 days building freeze in the West Bank but this does not include East Jerusalem and not a day more than 90 days.

Diabetes, a leading threat to global health and development

World Diabetes Day is the best opportunity there is to draw attention to the silent killer that is diabetes. Celebrated every year on 14 November, World Diabetes Day was initiated in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the World Health Organization in response to growing concerns about the escalating health threat that diabetes poses to the global community.

Awaiting a Coronation

Mahinda Rajapaksa will end his first presidential term and begin his second on the 19th of November. Had it not been for the 18th Amendment, Mr. Rajapaksa’s second presidential term would have also been his last; he would have had to retire, as his predecessors did, at the end of his second term.

More than half adult urban Indians have obesity

Almost 65% of adult urban Indians are-either overweight or obese or have abdominal obesity.

Stop The Child From Turning Blue: Fight Pneumonia

The second World Pneumonia Day is being held on November 12, 2010. World Pneumonia Day was launched in 2009 by a broad coalition of public and non profit organizations, the Global Coalition Against Child Pneumonia, to mobilize efforts to fight a neglected disease. This day seeks to bring focus on pneumonia as a public health issue and to prevent the millions of avoidable deaths that occur each year.

Channel 4 leads, Al Jazeera follows

Al Jazeera has gone on to televise some of disturbing photographs to show bodies with twisted limbs piled on the back of the trailer, others show almost naked corpses, blind folded and with hands bound behind their backs, lying in shallow graves.

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