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Sri Lanka beat Australia for the second time in a row

Sri Lanka have learnt to keep things interesting for all cricket lovers by not making it a one sided affair. What an exciting finish they produced at Bellerive Oval yesterday morning.

Mugabe, at 88, is 'fit as a fiddle'!

The type of reputation he has earned globally, you may think twice before taking an advice from a man like Robert Mugabe but you got to take it seriously thinking of his age and fitness. On his 88th birthday he told the state radio ‘I am fit as a fiddle’.

‘Phony theology’ of Obama center of Rightwing attack

A fierce battle to define social values has made Republican candidates define conservatism in conformist ways sternly warning that President Obama is the antithesis of conservatism encompassing a “phony theology” devoid of social content. Mitt Romney has branded himself as “severely conservative,” Rick Santorum the consummate purist, Newt Gingrich the proven conservative with a record, while Ron Paul touted the libertarian conservative label.

Al Rabeeah, the health minister of Saudi Arabia

The exclusive interview with the health minister, Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah ‘It’s patients first, health minister spells out policy’, I read in one of the gulf dailies, is really outstanding. It shows what a dedicated person he is.

Scattered Republican field bolsters Obama re-election prospects

Four Republican candidates vying for the party nomination to take on President Obama in November have had grueling battles in several states since January.

High Oil Prices: Lack of a comprehensive energy policy adds fuel to the fire

While some are questioning the Sri Lankan government’s economic management over the fuel price increases, it needs to be said that the main Opposition party, the UNP has no solution to the issue at the heart of the problem, the rise in international crude oil prices, although they have launched protests against something they too have no control over.

40 million watched Grammy Award

A US audience of 40 million watched this year’s Grammy Awards, according to a survey. This is seemed to be the second largest in Grammy history and the biggest since 1984 when the ‘king of pop’ Michael Jackson was rewarded for his record breaking ‘Thriller’ album.

UN Human Rights Council strictures: Sri Lanka continues to suffer as a pawn in regional geopolitics

If Sri Lanka was an island hidden away from the geographical proximity and spotlight of super powers or those aspiring to be super powers (and others who would do anything moral or immoral to prevent that from happening), the resplendent island would have been truly tranquil, and at peace.

Credibility of the Sri Lankan government may be at stake if LLRC Recommendations are not implemented

The establishment of the LLRC was a necessity for Sri Lankans, to come to terms with the war against the LTTE and recent events leading up to it and to learn lessons from mistakes made.

Nasheed is neither Assad nor Gaddafi

I am sure all the right thinking Maldivians will be feeling sorry to see their first democratically elected president, Nasheed, has resigned from his presidency. He is neither Assad of Syria nor Gaddafi of Libya to cling on to power at the cost of the lives of his own people.

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