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University Education and Virginity Test: Sri Lanka Vs UK

Few months back there was news from leading University in Sri Lanka that Vice Chancellor has sent some students for virginity test. Even though the news was not confirmed it is imperative to relate this with the scenario of UK Universities. Following statistics has been taken from, which the web has done a survey among 2818 students from UK to ascertain their sex life, sexual health and relationship.

Somalia: Under the Tutelage of Ghost-lords

At this dreadful moment in its history—when the obituary of a nation in life support is being written—political correctness is a luxury that Somalia cannot afford. Yes, Somalia is a failed State. But, failure is not a permanent condition, unless people choose to make it so by retiring their dignity and spirit of resilience.

Let the elected rule

None can dispute Iran’s right to be a nuclear power like Israel. The Zionist state’s undeclared possession of nuclear arsenals is an open secret to the entire world including the US and the UN, who are very much after Iran now.

UNHRC summit and Sri Lankan anger; Some Western Nations doing the bidding of LTTE supporters

It is reported that some Western nations are to move a motion at the February sessions of the UNHRC compelling Sri Lanka to act on possible accountability issues during the final war against the LTTE within a time frame determined by the UNHRC.

Solve the oldest conflict first

The Western governments, especially the US administration did not waste time to condemn Russia and China for vetoing a draft resolution against Syria.

This doesn't resembles the character of Egyptian people

The well known Israeli journalist, Uri Avenery, in one of his recent articles, paid rich tribute for Egyptian people for their non aggressiveness and the ever present humor in them.

Independent…but not yet Free

Sri Lanka received its independence from Britain on February 4, 1948, but our country is still not liberated or truly free. We may have a constitution and enjoy the status of a sovereign state, but as a nation and a people we have not yet won our freedom from egotistical self-centeredness, collective irresponsibility, pettiness, arrogance, and an unbridled lack of discipline.

Spicing up the Arabic music!

They say that music has no language or boundaries. A true music lover will not care in what language a song is being sung and based on which country’s music. However, classical music of various entity remains pure and in tact. We note that Arabic music has been spiced up with the introduction of Indian music in it of late, for better and not for worse.

The longest ever final in Grand Slam history!

As we predicted in Asian Tribune the final between world number one Novak Djokovic and world number two Rafael Nadal provided maximum excitement for all tennis lovers in the men’s final of the Australian open.

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