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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 77

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Sri Lanka asks: Why is Prabakaran’s son death any different from Children killed by LTTE?

We ask the international community just one question. Why does international media, NGOs & Human Rights Groups and UN members attention get diverted (Only) towards a picture of a dead terrorist leaders son ignoring footage of innocent civilians and children killed by LTTE strikes over 30 years and not a single foreign documentary was released accusing LTTE of war crimes to seek justice for these killings?

Are animals safer than humans?

Some people may be reluctant to answer this million dollar question ‘are animals safer than humans?’ I would say without any hesitation “yes” by looking at what is happening in Afghanistan, Gaza and Syria. US marines are hunting down Afghan civilians for sport, the Israeli defense forces are killing the poor Palestinians in the name of self defense and most disgustingly Syrian army is killing its own people for the sole purpose of its government remaining in power.

Santorum sweeps South: Vows to take on Romney all the way

Rick Santorum’s momentous sweep of Alabama and Mississippi primaries earned him the right to be called the authentic Republican who could challenge Mitt Romney all way to the Party Convention in June.

Ides of March and sanctimonious humbugs

A soothsayer’s warning to Roman Emperor Julius Caesar before his assassination March 15, 44 BC has forever imbued that date with a sense of foreboding. The U.S. draft resolution against Sri Lanka will be debated at the UNHRC sessions this month. Ironically it also comes at a time when the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) of the U.S. is seeking support at the UNHRC in Geneva for its campaign against the unjust voter identification laws enacted in several states of that country. On Sunday March 12, Afghan President Hamid Karzai condemned a U.S. soldier shooting to death 16 people, including three women and nine children in Afghanistan.

Geneva: Forked-tongued diplomacy of the West will fail

US Attorney General Eric Holder has asserted the right of the president to secretly order the assassination of American citizens. Citing the so-called "war on terror," Holder claimed that this authority was lawful under the US president’s war-making powers and was not subject to judicial review. This position contradicted the resolution at the UN Geneva conference that denied the same fundamental right to any other country fighting a ruthless terror outfit. Sri Lanka seemed singled out by the US.

‘International community’!

Whenever the West agitates on an issue it always acts as if it represents the ‘international community’. We pondered for a while to study, in fact, who this international community is and whom it represents actually, and for our amazement we found out that it represents not more than 12.3 percent of the world population.

Another masterpiece of a speech by Kumar Sangkakara

The intellectual Kumar Sangakkara has delivered another masterpiece of a speech at Knox Tavern in Melbourne after his famous Spirit of Cricket Lecture at Lords, where he got a standing ovation.

Pakistan wins the first match in the Asia Cup 2012 tourney

Pakistan won by 21 runs against Bangladesh at Dhaka in the first match of Asia Cup 2012. Bangladesh won the toss and elected to field in the hopes of restricting the Pakistan from scoring a larger target.

Super Tuesday left the Republican field intact

Super Tuesday did not whittle-down the Republican field of four. The ten-state marathon seemed to go off with no bang but a whimper.

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