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Gruesome killings

A US brigadier general is conducting a top to bottom review of 5th Stryker brigade after five of its soldiers were committed for trial early this year charged with involvement in the murders of Afghan civilians and other alleged crimes including mutilating their bodies and collecting fingers and skulls from corpses as trophies.

What a contrast!

Former US president, George W. Bush once arrogantly said “you are with us or against us”. This is quite contrast to what late US president, John F. Kennedy said in 1961 in a speech to the Newspaper Publishers Association;

Sinhala Buddhist Revival-Advise From A Great Tamil

Sir Ponnambalam Arunachalam’s Prize Day Speech (July 30th 1914) This speech is reproduced from the latest issue of the Mahinda College Magazine 2002, which has been dedicated to commemorating the 110th Anniversary of the founding of the College.

Regime change-sorry, Sri Lanka is not Iraq

Wikileak revelations did not surprise me as much as what I read in the front pages of Sri Lankan newspapers recently. The news item related to some opposition goons trying to canvass support through their masters for a regime change, by conspiring at the headquarters of democracy – the House of Commons.

India’s true face has been exposed

9/11 dramatically converted Pakistan from an international outcast under a military dictator aligned with extremist Taliban regime in Kabul to become a key strategic partner of America’s war on terror. This change in status brought about by USA did not occur out of the blue but under a well conceived design.

A danger ahead

Various statements issued by foreign diplomats in Colombo concerning the affairs of the host country, including what is revealed by the most recent Wikileaks secret US Embassy cables, are typical examples of permitting foreign diplomats, especially from USA and Europe, appointed to Sri Lanka to involve in Sri Lanka’s internal matters.

Asian Tribune responds to Dr JJ – ‘Thanks for the compliment; AT has no control over a published photo’

Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena MP and one of the opposition leaders from the United National Party in a statement to Asian Tribune have alleged that the headline that appeared on 6th December as’ misleading and gives a wrong impression’.

Iranian sentiments overwhelm the Gaza caravan

After overcoming the initial obstacles in South Asia, where, first the Pakistani government denied visas to some Indians, then Indian government delayed permission to those of its citizens who had obtained visas from the Pakistani government to cross the Wagha border on foot, and the biggest disappointment in the form of denial by Pakistani government to permit the caravan to travel the land route through Balochistan, the peace activists assembled in Zahedan after flying into Iran via Tehran. This is where they would have arrived if they had followed the land route from Delhi through India and Pakistan.

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