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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 82

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Another masterpiece of a speech by Kumar Sangkakara

The intellectual Kumar Sangakkara has delivered another masterpiece of a speech at Knox Tavern in Melbourne after his famous Spirit of Cricket Lecture at Lords, where he got a standing ovation.

Pakistan wins the first match in the Asia Cup 2012 tourney

Pakistan won by 21 runs against Bangladesh at Dhaka in the first match of Asia Cup 2012. Bangladesh won the toss and elected to field in the hopes of restricting the Pakistan from scoring a larger target.

Super Tuesday left the Republican field intact

Super Tuesday did not whittle-down the Republican field of four. The ten-state marathon seemed to go off with no bang but a whimper.

Adnan driven by higher logic

My husband has helped expose the plight of Palestinians held under administrative detention by Israel.

Sri Lanka: an unsung model for post- conflict security

Why hasn’t Sri Lanka started to demobilize its massive military machine or decreased the size of its huge defense budget? After the defeat of the LTTE, three years without a single terrorist incident, followed by the recent rapidly rising cost of living, a devalued rupee and growing signs of popular protest, these are questions that are on the mind of many Sri Lankans and international observers alike.

Sri Lanka beat Australia for the second time in a row

Sri Lanka have learnt to keep things interesting for all cricket lovers by not making it a one sided affair. What an exciting finish they produced at Bellerive Oval yesterday morning.

Mugabe, at 88, is 'fit as a fiddle'!

The type of reputation he has earned globally, you may think twice before taking an advice from a man like Robert Mugabe but you got to take it seriously thinking of his age and fitness. On his 88th birthday he told the state radio ‘I am fit as a fiddle’.

‘Phony theology’ of Obama center of Rightwing attack

A fierce battle to define social values has made Republican candidates define conservatism in conformist ways sternly warning that President Obama is the antithesis of conservatism encompassing a “phony theology” devoid of social content. Mitt Romney has branded himself as “severely conservative,” Rick Santorum the consummate purist, Newt Gingrich the proven conservative with a record, while Ron Paul touted the libertarian conservative label.

Al Rabeeah, the health minister of Saudi Arabia

The exclusive interview with the health minister, Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah ‘It’s patients first, health minister spells out policy’, I read in one of the gulf dailies, is really outstanding. It shows what a dedicated person he is.

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