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A gesture of solidarity with people of Palestine

An Asia to Gaza caravan is being planned from New Delhi to Gaza during the month of December, 2010, as part of the international effort to break the three year old blockade of Gaza by Israeli forces.

America considers Pakistan as a nightmare

Till Pakistan’s nuclear tests in May 1998, Pakistan was the sworn enemy of India. After the tests, USA and Israel ganged up with India and became the avowed enemies of Pakistan. Nuclear weapons with a Muslim state having missile power, conventional military strength and reasonable technological and industrial base and above all strong Islamic streaks and Jihadi fervor was unacceptable to the trio.

Save gas, how to get the attention of authorities

My main aim is to show the general public how to save money spent on gas. Every single month the price of gas goes up and up and the suppliers give plenty of excuses for the price increase and even the governments cannot do anything about the hike of prices. Even in UK the gas prices are going up since recently.

The Oxford Fiasco and Beyond

Call it a result of hubris, blinding, stupefying hubris. The Oxford fiasco need not have happened, if President Rajapaksa did not have an insatiable appetite for such inane encomiums as, ‘The Leader who Conquered the World’; or if his ministers, officials and other hangers-on were a little less inclined to lie, cheat and exaggerate in order to please their Lord and Master.

New peace initiative

Late Israeli prime minister, Yitzhak Rabin’s son Yuval Rabin and a well known businessman, Koby Huberman have proposed a response to the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative: A Palestinian state based on 1967 borders, with Jerusalem ‘the home of two capitals’.

New Science, New Hope: Microbicides and HIV prevention

At the forthcoming Biennial Conference of the Irish Forum for Global Health (IFGH) in Maynooth, Ireland, one of the two keynote guest lectures - The John Kevany Memorial lecture - will be delivered by Dr Zeda Rosenberg, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the International Partnership for Microbicides (IPM) on "New Science, New Hope: Giving Women Power over HIV/AIDS." The microbicides refer to a new type of product being developed that people could use vaginally or rectally to protect themselves from HIV and possibly other sexually transmitted infections.

An apostle with a different mission

With the development strategy in the country is on, there should also be a simultaneous spiritual revival in the people, said His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith at the brief religious ritual held at Tewatte Our Lady of Lanka Shrine en-route to Colombo’s St Lucia’s Cathedral, after his elevation to the position of a Cardinal, when he arrived in Sri Lanka from Rome.

Of Cabinets and Kings

President Rajapaksa defeated the Tigers. He won the presidential and parliamentary elections and is still popular in the South because he defeated the Tigers. But that historic victory does not entitle him to a permanent carte blanche, to do with Sri Lanka as he wishes, to treat the country as his and his family’s private fiefdom.

Devolution for political expedience will exacerbate the ethnic divide in Sri Lanka

The visiting Indian External Affairs Minister S M Krishna has raised the issue of devolution as a political solution to the ethnic conflict with the Tamils of Sri Lanka. If this suggestion came from a credible honest broker, it would have had to be taken with due care and seriousness.

Foxes as ‘advisers’ to government

We live in strange times. There is absolutely no question in the drive to eliminate crime and terrorism governments need to try their utmost to eliminate the causes. We know the complex issues chiefly Indian manipulations that gave rise to Prabhakaran and his political mafia But does it in anyway mean this unrepentant criminal (now dead) and his admirers deserve the same consideration given to an ordinary law-abiding citizen?

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