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United Nations’ Seasoned Political Strategist Angela Kane Visits Sri Lanka February 20-26 for Political Assessment

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune

Angela KaneMs. Angela Kane, Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs of the United Nations will be in Sri Lanka between 20 and 26 February for a closer political scrutiny as Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s special envoy. The visit was officially announced here in UN Headquarters on Tuesday 19 February. The spokesman for the Secretary-General said the Ms. Kane was requested by Mr. Ban to visit Sri Lanka and that the visit was part of her regular consultation in the areas of her responsibility. The spokesman further stated that the primary purpose of her visit was to review the work of the United Nations Country Team in Sri Lanka in all key areas.

High Commissioner in London suspends weekly diplomatic meetings as she suspects her diplomatic colleagues

In the worst leadership crisis that ever occurred at the Sri Lankan High Commission in London, the out going High Commissioner Ms. Kshenuka Senewiratne who presided over the last diplomatic officers weekly gathering said she would suspend the sittings of the meetings until her departure from the mission as she cannot no longer trust some diplomatic officers, working under her. The highly controversial diplomat visibly upset over some “news leakages” accused some of her unnamed diplomatic officers of releasing “false” and “deceitful” news against her in the press and said even after she leaves London as the head of mission the news leaking diplomats should remember they would have to repent for what they have done. They should remember “What goes around comes around,” the powerful diplomat severely warned.

Dr. Edward Perera replies to Minister Wieczorek-Zeul's Admonition to Stop the War against LTTE

Replying to a statement by German Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development titled "Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul" under the title "Germany wants sanctions if Sri Lanka continues war against LTTE," Dr. Edwards Perera has asked a number of question such as: Did you know that 60 percent of the Sri Lankans including Tamils and Muslims live in harmony amidst the predominantly Sinhalese areas. Dr. Perera further asked: Who did decide in your government to deploy Federal army in Afghanistan? Why does Federal Republic of Germany morally support the US military policy in Iraq and in Afghanistan? Can your government exclude the Tamil terrorists from the list of international terrorists? What is the criterion, which you do use to define terrorism?“

LTTE fails to stop Tamil musical show in Paris

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) failed miserably in its attempt to stop a musical show organized by a group of Tamil entertainers in Paris with active participation of top singer Mohanraj Muthuswamy. Many Tamils and Sinhalese and a handful of French attended the musical show held on Sunday at Salle LSC on the outskirts of Paris. Independent observers said that this is the first time in recent years that moderate Tamils in Paris could defy the open threats from the LTTE. Few hundreds flocked to Salle LSC at 146, Avenue President Wilson in Paris where Mohanraj Muthuswamy and several Tamil and Indian bands entertained the audience until early hours of morning of February 18. Tamil entertainer Vardhan who organized the show thanked the participants who decided to participate despite the LTTE threat to their lives. He added that the crowd has given him strength to organize similar events in future with larger participation. He also sang a popular Tamil song of Indian singer Manoharan.

Fidel Castro: Survivor Who Inspired Many to Achieve Insurmountable Heights

By Our Political correspondent

Fidel CastroCuban leader Fidel Castro resigned his Presidency today. He mesmerized the world with his fearless inroads into territories deemed too dangerous. His stepping down will create a void too hard to fill not only in Cuba but also among those who sought inspiration for fighting worthy causes. He lived with sanctions imposed by the western world but never lost his sense of direction. He lived longer than many presidents who tried to get rid of him. President Castro outlasted no fewer than nine American presidents since he took power in 1959. In July 2006 President Castro underwent emergency intestinal surgery and has not attended any public events since.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Pakistan were denied voting rights

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Pakistan were denied voting rights in the Parliamentary elections held on 18 February. Since 1985 Ahmadiyya Community is continuously are deprived of exercising their democratic rights due to their religious believes. Elections took place in Pakistan on 18th February with senior members of the Government claiming that they were conducted freely and fairly. What they failed to disclose was that due to certain wholly unjust provisions, members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community were denied the fundamental right to vote.

Los Angeles Malaysians Protest Discriminatory Poliicies Back Home

Americans of diverse religious and ethnic origins, including several Hindus of Malaysian descent, gathered in front of the Malaysian Consulate in Los Angeles, California, on February 16, 2008, to protest alleged discriminatory policies of the Malaysian government and the ongoing detention of the leaders of the Hindu Rights Action Force (HINDRAF). The rally, co-sponsored by the Hindu American Foundation (HAF), a U.S. based human rights group, was held just one day after another peaceful demonstration was brutally ended with tear gas, chemical laced water cannons and the arrests of 160 Malaysian Hindus, including children, in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur.

Prabakaran urged to give up separation and agree on a reasonable solution - Anandasangaree

V. Anandasangaree, President – TULF in another letter to V.Prabakaran has pointed out the seriousness of his policies which caused death and destruction over a quarter of a century in Sri Lanka. The TULF leader has rendered his advice to give up his demand for separation of the country and urged to agree for a reasonable solution based on the Indian Model for which the International Community will give you full backing. He has alleged that Prabakaran should be held responsible for the present state of affairs.

UN Security Council Deadlocked Over Kosovo

By Thalif Deen, Inter Press Service

When the United States and some of the members of the European Union (EU) expressed admiration for Kosovo’s "patience" in its longstanding quest for a new nation state in the Balkans, Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin dismissed their "naivety" with a degree of political sarcasm. "They sound as if they had never heard of the Palestinians, or let’s say, the West Sahrawi," he told the Security Council. Churkin’s contention was that Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied territories and the Polisario in Western Sahara have remained more "patient" than Albanians, and have more urgent claims for statehood than the newly- created Kosovo, Serbia's breakaway province.

Sea sand alternative for river sand for construction

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

Chamber of Construction Industry Sri Lanka promotes the idea of using sea sand instead of river sand in the construction industry. CCI believes that in view of the initiatives for the exploitation of offshore oil and gas and extraction of other mineral deposits from our ocean territory and also the unparalleled port development projects that have been launched and are on the drawing board, there should be a well coordinated approach that assures transparency and good governance to avoid over exploitation, pollution and to prevent harmful waste being disposed into the ocean system and to optimize the economic gains to the country.

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