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Wickramabahu demandd the immediate release of LTTE members arrested in Italy

By Walter Jayawardhana

The London based Fourth International, affiliated to a small band of Sri Lanka’s revolutionary Trotskyite Marxists called Left Front led by Wickramabahu Karunaratne demanded that Italy should immediately release the LTTE members arrested all over the country, after the LTTE organized "Ponku Thamil" rally in that country. "We see these arrests as a move to undermine the legitimate demand of the Tamil nation for self-determination and to suppress the Tamil voice against atrocities committed by the Sri Lankan government," the Wickramabahu connected Fourth International, aiming for world revolution said in a statement issued in London

Wars of Domination

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

The Army Commander deserves to be praised for his frankness. In an interview with the state owned 'Daily News' he had spelled out how the Fourth Eelam War is perceived by the powers that be – as a war between the majority and the minorities for the control of Sri Lanka: "Like any other country in the world where people have to fight wars to safeguard the territorial integrity of their countries they have to go through hardships. They have to spend a lot of money. They have to sacrifice. The Sinhala nation has to sacrifice if you want to protect the country and survive….. In any democratic country the majority should rule the country. This country will be ruled by the Sinhalese community which is the majority representing 74 percent of the population" (The Daily News – 19.7.2008).

Luncheons, dinners, biddings, open trade offs mark run up to trust vote in PM Singh

By M Rama Rao, India Editor, Asian Tribune

The run up to the trust vote Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is seeking in the Indian Parliament on Monday is marked by luncheons, dinners, biddings and open trade offs in rival camps amidst indications that the Singh's Congress party managers have managed to push the ruling United Progressive Alliance (UPA) to what they call comfort zone in the numbers game. Though till Saturday the going rate for a rebel MP willing to go with the ruling alliance was put at around Rs. 35 crore, the count down for the crucial trial of strength the Prime Minister will be facing for the first time in his four and half year rule appears to have pushed up the going to rate Rs. 100 crore.

SAARC leaders to take a common position on the scourge of terrorism, developing together- Dr. Palitha Kohona

Dr. Palith Kohona Sri Lanka’s Foreign Secretary, when speaking to ‘Asian Tribune’ said that Government of Sri Lanka is taking all the required arrangements to make the 15th SAARC Summit a success. He pointed out that SAARC leaders when they meet, they intend to formulate common positions on the climate changes, energy crisis, developing together, and on the subject of elimination of poverty. He also emphasized, "Leaders will also explore further ways of cooperating to eliminate this scourge of terrorism that has affected all the countries of South Asia." The SAARC conference is scheduled to take place from 27 July to 1st August and the 15th Summit from 2nd to 3rd August in Colombo. Leaders of all the eight member countries are expected to participate in the Summit. Dr, Palitha Kohona said that Security arrangements are in place and said that the security of the summit is essentially a Sri Lanka’s responsibility.

EU MEPs' delegation arrived in Sri Lanka

Asian Tribune – Sri Lanka Bureau

EU Parliamentary Delegation is now in Sri Lanka . It is led by EU Parliamentarian Robert Evans , who was a British MP. Deputy Leader of the delegation Niranjan Deva Adithya , who is a Sri Lanka said the the MEPs delegation will meet Cabinet ministers, Political parties, Civil societies , Media and the Chief Minister of the Eastern Province Sivaneshathurai Chandrakanthan. During their six day stay in Sri Lanka, the delegation would discuss regarding GSP Plus status and several other issues with Sri Lankan authorities.

Foreign Ministry will move supplementary vote for the forthcoming SAARC Summit.

Asian Tribune – Sri Lanka Bureau

Sri Lanka’s Foreign Ministry I will move a supplementary votes in parliament on Tuesday to obtain Rs. 2,880,180,332 for the forthcoming SAARC summit. Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama will present this estimate and the parliament will hold a six hour debate on this proposal. According to the parliament sources this is about the recurrent expenditure will be Rs.401,881,272.00 and Capital expenditure will be Rs.2,478,299,060.00. It contained allocations for fuel - some Rs. 45,994,935 and food and uniforms, most likely for the deployed security personnel and ushering staff amounting to Rs. 540,000.

Final Report of the Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

The Final Report of the 'Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor' was issued by the Ministry of Tourism. The High Level Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor—an independent global initiative—set out three years ago by United Nations Development Programme to explore how nations can reduce poverty through reforms that expand access to legal protection and opportunities for all. The Commission’s unique mission was built on the conviction that poverty can only be eradicated if governments give all citizens, especially the poor, a legitimate stake in the economy by extending the rule of law, making access to users’ and property rights and other legal protections, not the privilege of the few, but the right of all citizens.

SPUR urges FBI to investigate Bruce Fein and the money trails

Ranjith Soysa, the spokesperson of the Society for Peace Unity and Human Rights a non governmental organization based in Melbourne, Australia has brought to the notice of the Federal Bureau of Investigation of United States and has urged them to investigate Mr. Bruce Fein, the Atorney of the Tamils for Justice. In his appeal to the FBI, Ranjit Soysa has pointed out that Bruce Fein, an American Attorney, who has been retained by the Tamil For Justice, alleged to be a spurious organization, has thrown challenges to Public Officials of Sri Lanka Government for debates, which amounts to extra court activities

Sri Lanka – Diplomatic Postings

Septuagenarian Daya Perera PC is expected to leave for Ottawa as the new High Commissioner designate. Issues which delayed the receipt of the agrimon from Ottawa, it is learnt that it has already been taken care of and Daya Perera is expected to leave for Canada soon. Former Sri Lanka High Commissioner W.J.S. Karunaratne has already returned back to Sri Lanka after serving his term in Ottawa. In the meantime it is learnt that Ministry of Foreign Affairs has cross posted C.H.M. Wijeyaratne, the present Deputy Ambassador in Rome as the Deputy High Commissioner to Ottawa.

Menace of Stray Dogs – terrorists on a small wavelength and misplaced Compassion

Hemantha Abeywardena writes from London…..

A living being does not always need a gun or bomb to terrorise us. Nor does it need a big mouth to rip our eardrums up for the same. All it needs is a small mouth, four limbs and a mesmerizing ambition, to poke its nose in everything that moves. A stray dog in our streets perfectly fits the caricature that it makes of itself – a terrorist on a small wavelength. I have always suffered at the hands of stray dogs in Sri Lanka - many times. I wish Karma did exist in the form of a long telescope in such a way that I could view what I committed against these beasts, in my previous lives: I may have kicked them in the belly or even hurled stones at them; they certainly have come back to haunt me with full vengeance. However, for a fact, I do not represent just a tiny minority, as far as this victimization is concerned.

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