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Tamil National Alliance Parliamentarian called on India to Complete its unfinished agenda in Sri Lanka

N.Sri Kantha MPPressing for an "acceptable" political solution to Sri Lanka's ethnic problem, the proxy LTTE Tamil political party of Sri Lanka today sought India's intervention to stop war and suggested it could bring LTTE chief V Prabhakaran "on board" for a negotiated settlement. The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) appealed to India to "complete its unfinished agenda" in Sri Lanka and ask Mahinda Rajapaksa government to stop its "obsession with a military solution" to the ethnic issue. Senior TELO leader N. Sri Kantha and a member of parliament from the TNA said the Sri Lankan government should commit itself to resolve the conflict through a political settlement to avoid "a split" in the country.

Foreign Minister Bogollagama briefed Nepal on the democratization efforts of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama when he met the Nepal Foreign Minister Upendra Yadav briefed him on the efforts of the Government of Sri Lanka in combating terrorism and bringing democracy to all parts of the country. He also outlined the efforts taken towards constitutional reforms through the All Party Representative Committee.

CIMA Payments Plans with HSBC

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

HSBC singed an agreement with CIMA designed exclusively to help CIMA students and members manage the financial investment of the professional qualification. The finance package from HSBC has been tailored to benefit CIMA students and members by offering low interest payment schemes on all CIMA registration, tuition and exam fees over an agreed period of time. Allowing one to manage and budget for costs over a period of time without having to face the high interest rates usually associated with payment plans. The offer will be available to any student, member or parent who holds an HSBC Credit Card.

Ceasefire only after LTTE lays down its arms - President Mahinda told Indian Prime Minister

Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapakse set out his stance to the Indian Prime Minister on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and informed him that Tamil Tigers have to lay down their arms before talking about any ceasefire agreement with them. President of Sri Lanka and Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh met today at 2.30 PM this afternoon for a bilateral meeting. When the subject of the resolution adopted yesterday at the Tamil Nadu State Assembly was taken up for discussion, Sri Lanka President set out his stance on the Tamil Tigers.

BIMSTEC Summit declares the need for close cooperation in combating all forms of terrorism and transnational crime

Second BIMSTEC Summit declaration recognized the threat that terrorism poses to peace, stability and economic progress in the region, emphasize the need for close cooperation in combating all forms of terrorism and transnational crimes. According to the Summit declaration, leaders have taken note with satisfaction of the finalization of the BIMSTEC Convention on Combating International Terrorism, Transnational Organized Crime and Illicit Drug Trafficking. The declaration by the BIMSTEC leaders, fully reflects the concern over growing terrorism in the region.

BIMSTEC is the bridge between South and South-East Asia Dr. Manmohan Singh

Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh while making a statement at the joint press conference after conclusion of the Second BIMSTEC Summit in New Delhi today said BIMSTEC is the bridge between South and South-East Asia. There is far greater regional and sub-regional integration in Asia than was the case when BIMSTEC was created in 1997. We all belong to the Bay of Bengal community. Nature and geography have bound us together by land and by water. We are all developing countries faced with similar challenges. BIMSTEC is therefore an idea whose time has come.

Sri Lanka wholly with BIMSTEC against terrorism and organized crime - President Rajapaksa

Mahinda Rajapakse "Sri Lanka wholeheartedly supports the BIMSTEC Convention on Cooperation in Combating International Terrorism, Organized Crime and Illicit Drug Trafficking as an important and vital milestone in our efforts on counter terrorism," said President Mahinda Rajapaksa addressing the 2nd Summit of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC), at New Delhi today. "Terrorist groups are able to sustain themselves by illegal fundraising, narcotics and people trafficking, money laundering using international networks, and arms and ammunition smuggling including through the sea routes in the Bay of Bengal. I urge you to consider setting up a mechanism to effectively police the seas of the Bay of Bengal, to deny these terrorists mobility and connectivity," he further added.

"Asia will be the engine of the world economic growth," Dr. Manmohan Singh at the BIMSTEC summit

Dr. SinghThe second Summit of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) kick starts today in New Delhi, with the opening remarks of Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India, with his positive evaluation that the 21st century belongs to Asia. Asia will be the engine of the world economic growth. BIMSTEC is an important part of the wider Asian community. It has the potential of playing a vital role in the Asian community of nations linked by effective road, rail, air and shipping services across which there would be free movement of people, capital, ideas and goods.

Tourism Ministers Grapple Global Slowdown

Tourism ministers from around the world have agreed to set up a new United Nations-backed committee to consider how to respond both to the downturn in international travel as a result of the global financial crisis and the impact of climate change. At a summit in London yesterday, the ministers announced the establishment of a UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Resilience Committee after concluding the tourism sector needs increased collaboration, greater real-time market information and more innovation.

India should put a stop to activities of Tamil Tiger proxy TNA

Several leading Tamil political analysts and university dons expressed surprise at India’s attitude of tolerance towards Tamil National Alliance (TNA), which is a proxy of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a terrorist organization banned in India. They said that it is a pity that India, instead of exposing these subversive elements, encourages them to mobilise Indian public opinion against the democratically elected government of Sri Lanka. "How is it that India is tolerating anti Sri Lankan government campaign nurtured and conducted by TNA parliamentarians?" they asked. "New Delhi is well aware of the fact that TNA is a proxy political party of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, which is a terrorist outfit that has been banned in India since 1992 and any direct or indirect help to TNA tantamount to helping the killers of Rajiv Gandhi."

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