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9th IFMA India National Muaythai Championships 2009 at Jammu

9th IFMA India National Muaythai Championships will be held from April 6 to 9, 2009 at Jammu in the State of Jammu and Kashmir. The Championship will be organized by Jammu and Kashmir Muaythai Association (JKMA), an affiliated unit of Muaythai Federation of India (MFI) and Amateur Muaythai Association of India (AMAI). Around 300 players and over 50 officials from the 30 MFI-affiliated units from across the country will take part in this mega National Muaythai Championships at Jammu.

McCain and Obama Campaigns on Alert for Sneaked Illegal Fund Raising by LTTE

Philip Fernando for Asian Tribune

John McCain and Barack Obama are permitted to receive individual contributions from a person up to $2,300. A person may contribute that amount to more than one candidate. So far Barack Obama has received a record 350 million or more, while John McCain received over $ 220 million, contributions are pouring in as I write. Final numbers would be published by the end of the month. Both candidates have an army of staffers to collect and check who the donors are. Republican and Democratic Party officials are quick to notify the Election authorities of any wrong doing by either party. We know that during the primary campaign Senator Hillary Clinton returned monies donated by those connected to the Tigers.

Independence And Integrity Help Wipe Out Decades Of Corruption

Neville de Silva Diplomatic Editor Asian Tribune

Forty or more years ago, Hong Kong was one of the most corrupt places in the world. Today it is one of the cleanest, a claim made not only by Hong Kong officials but also by independent monitoring bodies, international business and the informed media. How it cleaned up a corrupt society and burnished its image is one of the success stories of modern Hong Kong. It serves as an object lesson to countries in Asia and elsewhere that are seeped in political corruption and economic crimes that have sapped public confidence and have turned state resources for private gain.

There is no urgent issue that needs Sri Lanka Foreign Minister’s presence in New Delhi

Sri Lanka does not want India to be misled by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam Do not be confused with LTTE’s ploy' India was told. It was pointed out that Sri Lanka Government and the President of Sri Lanka are working hard to redeem the Tamil community from the clutches of terrorism and restore their full democratic rights. Sri Lanka President has reiterated this noble goal when he addressed the APRC meeting on Saturday. C.R.Jayasinghe High Commissioner of Sri Lanka in India when speaking to "Asian Tribune" also said that the news story about Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama rushing to India for urgent talks is unfounded. According to the High Commissioner, Sri Lanka Foreign Minister is in Australia and there are no urgent issues to warrant Foreign Ministers presence in New Delhi.

Father and mother – both should forgive Sri Lanka Maid Rizana Nafeek – Ambassador Mohammed Marleen

In a sudden dramatic development in the Sri Lankan House maid Rizana Nafeek’s case in Saudi Arabia, Naif Jiziyan Khalaf Al-Otaibi, the father of the deceased four month old child had expressed his willingness to pardon the Sri Lankan housemaid. But, the mother however still claims her private right in the case and is not ready to forgive the maid. Sri Lanka’s Ambassador in Riyad Abdul Ageed Mohammed Marleen told "Asian Tribune", that the present position in the Sri Lankan House maid Rizana Nafeek’s case is that the father of course is willing to pardon but the lady is not willing. That is the hitch. We will see how best we can resolve this knotty issue. You know, well the time is the only factor and we are trying that.

Is there a conspiracy to undermine Dr. Palitha Kohona?

Dr. Palitha KohonaA shadowy group of career diplomats in the Foreign Ministry, most of them sycophants of political higher ups, are trying to undermine Foreign Secretary Dr Palitha Kohona in an unsuccessful attempt to discredit him. The anti-Kohona campaign has intensified recently because one former Sri Lankan envoy in the group apparently has a hidden agenda: to walk into Kohona's extra large shoes. But the question is: will this former ambassador fit into Kohona's shoes?

Sri Lanka CIMA Divisional President at Management Accountants confab in Pakistan

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

A dispatch by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants Sri Lanka Division indicated that Ms Gowri Shankar, Divisional President CIMA Sri Lanka presented a paper on "Enterprise Governance in Ethical Management Accounting Practices" at the eleventh Management Accountants International conference held in Pakistan on the theme of "Challenges to the Developing Nations and Response of Management Accounting Profession." It was organized by CIMA Pakistan (ICMAP)

Barack Obama Commemorates Mahatma Gandhi

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune

Gandhi - Obama"Mahatma Gandhi’s portrait hangs in my office to remind me that real change will not come from Washington - it will come when the people, united, bring it to Washington", said United States Senator Barack Obama, the democratic Party presidential candidate for November 4 election, issuing a statement last week on Mahatma Gandhi Service Day. The Service Day coincides with the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi India’s spiritual leader who led a non-violent campaign to end the British colonial rule in India.

Ban TRO For Collecting Funds For Terrorism - Anti Terrorism Organization urges The Netherland Prime Minister

By Walter Jayawardhana

In a letter submitted to Jan Peter Balkenende, the Prime Minister of The Netherlands, an anti-terrorist organization in the Hague demanded the government should immediately ban the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO)which is raising funds for terrorism for purported humanitarian purposes. Delivering the letter immediately after a protest demonstration in the capital, the Hague the protestors said, "The LTTE is today an international criminal network involved in the global Narcotics trade, Arms Smuggling, Human trafficking, human smuggling, Money laundering, Credit Card Frauds and a wide range of other illegal activities which collects a huge sum of Euros from The Netherlands on a monthly basis."

Tigers have to be totally silenced if Lankan Tamils need their equal rights – Cho Ramaswamy

Cho RamaswamyIndia should not help the Tigers from escaping from the hands of the Sri Lankan military. If the Tamils have to get equal rights along with the Sinhalese, if the Tamils need a federal set up, then it means that the Tigers have to be totally silenced. India should not interfere in this situation. India can only insist that the Sri Lankan Government deal with their Tamils fairly. In an exclusive interview with the Editor of "Asian Tribune," Cho Ramaswamy said, “Well … my opinion is very clear. India should not help the Tigers from escaping from the hands of the Sri Lankan military. If the Tamils have to get equal rights along with the Sinhalese, if the Tamils need a federal set up, then it means that the Tigers have to be totally silenced.

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