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Asian Tribune is published by World Institute For Asian Studies|Powered by WIAS Vol. 12 No. 2010


Defining Barack Obama

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune

Barak ObamaTo the Third World developing nations beyond the shores of the United States the impact of liberal and conservative politics in U.S. society and their reverberation in the developing world is somewhat complicated. The series of articles the Asian Tribune is about to start on presidential candidate of the U.S. Democratic Party the junior U.S. senator from Illinois Barack Obama cannot be completed unless a review is done what conservative and liberal politics mean to the United States, and what impact those politics have on the Third World developing nations.

Stability conducive ro Foreign Investments and Private Enterprise - Ambassador to Nepal to UK

By Walter Jayawardhana

The Nepali Ambassador in London Murari Raj Sharma said the strong political stability created in Katmandu by the former rebels turning rulers has created an extremely friendly atmosphere for direct foreign investments in his country of scenic Himalayan beauty which has just emerged a republic ending a centuries long monarchy. "With the Maoists embracing direct foreign investments and private enterprise as effective methods of development in Nepal just like in the Indian state of West Bengal and in the People’s Republic of China unprecedented opportunities are opening up in the Himalayan state not only in traditional industries like tourism but also in hundreds of other ventures like building hydroelectric power stations to sell electricity to both India and China," Sharma said.

Samak’s plight still undecided: Parliament adjourned for lack of quorum

Samak SundaravejThe parliamentary vote to decide on the return of Samak Sundaravej as the e Prime Minister of Thailand was delayed due to lack of quorum as most of the members of parliament from the coalition parties did not turn up. Speaker of the Parliament Chai Chidchob decided to postpone the session and ordered the next meeting to nominate new prime minister to be convened on Wednesday at 9:30am. The absence of MPs was apparently due to conflicts among coalition parties of the ruling party -- the People's Power Party (PPP) and also factions inside the PPP itself that opposed the re-nomination of Mr. Samak as prime minister.

Kachchativu always been part of Sri Lanka - Foreign Minister

Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama yesterday told Parliament that Kachchativu had always been the territory of the Sri Lankan State and that is borne out by historical evidence and records of exercise of jurisdiction which has been cemented by the agreements of 1974 and 1976 signed between the Sri Lankan and Indian Governments. The Minister was responding to a statement by JVP MP Anura Kumara Dissanayake in Parliament on September 09. Kachchativu is a barren island that lies about 15 miles North-East of Rameshwaran and approximately 14 miles South-West of the Delft Islands. There are no permanent inhabitants or any permanent structures on the island other than a Roman Catholic Church, administered by the Bishop of Jaffna as part of his Diocese.

Paris Hindus chose Ganesh pooja over LTTE diktat

Hindu devotees in their hundreds participated in the Ganesha pooja at the Hindu temple in Paris and broke thousands of coconuts as a part of ritual defying the orders issued by the Tamil Tigers 'not to waste money to break coconuts when the people in the north and east are displaced'. The trustees of Sri Manika Vinayakar Alayam denounced the Tamil Tigers for their attempts to interfere with Ganesha pooja from October 31 to September 3. Immediately after the temple authorities announced the schedule of Ganesha pooja, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) pasted posters in Tamil dominated La Chappelle area in Paris urging Hindu population to boycott the coconut pooja, which is an integral part of the Ganesha pooja.

Farewell to an Officer and a Gentleman

By Janaka Perera

Colonel H.H. Lawrence De Silva, a much-respected teacher at Nalanda College, Colombo, passed away on Sunday, September 7 after a brief illness at the age of 66. He joined Nalanda as a science teacher in 1967 and served there as the chemistry teacher for O/L classes until he retired from teaching in 1984 to join the Sri Lanka Army, to serve as the 1st Commanding Officer of the 11th Gajaba Regiment. He served in the North until his retirement from the SL Army. He was the master in charge of the school cadet corps and became the best commanding officer for many years in 1970s.

SAARC Secretary General pays an official visit to Sri Lanka

The Secretary General of SAARC, Dr. Sheel Kant Sharma, who is on a special visit to Sri Lanka at the invitation of Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama, called on him at the Ministry yesterday. The Minister discussed with Dr. Sharma the work ahead for Sri Lanka, as the SAARC Chair and the modalities by which the decisions taken at the recently concluded 15th Colombo Summit are to be implemented. The Secretary General thereafter briefed the Foreign Minister on the responsibilities of the SAARC Chair. He emphasised the need to push ahead the decisions of the Colombo Declaration and highlighted the importance of Sri Lanka to give leadership in holding scheduled SAARC Meetings.

Looking after the injured soldiers

By Shenali Waduge

As the present military drive gains momentum we need to prepare for a rise in the number of fatalities & injuries. Most of the injured are likely to be sent to the main hospitals geared to treat them. We should not forget that most of our soldiers come from poor homes. Most of these families are unlikely to even have the money to pay for the journey to visit their sons/husbands lying in pain in hospital, probably victims to landmines and similar atrocities that the LTTE are responsible for.

America's "Undimmed by Tears Mind-set" Shattered as Twin Towers Fell on September 11th

By Philip Fernando for Asian Tribune

My friend Janaka Perera’s very readable account in the "Asian Tribune" prompted me to write this piece. The Twin Towers, an American icon due to its engineering and symbolic stature fell on September 11th 2001. We saw the second plane hit the Tower early morning on TV that day as my wife was getting ready to go to work in Torrance California. The dense hum of humanity gasping for breath was a sorry sight. Chaos reigned. Telephones died, power collapsed, the command center drowned in debris necessitating 24 hour air sampling as air borne chemicals inundated everyone. Some New Yorkers attended 40 funerals in one month.

All Countries in BBC Poll Prefer Obama to McCain

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune

All 22 countries in a BBC World Service poll would prefer Democratic nominee Barack Obama elected US president instead of his Republican rival John McCain. Obama is preferred by a four to one margin on average across the 22,000 people polled. The margin in favor of Obama ranges from just 9 per cent in India to 82 per cent in Kenya. On average 49 per cent prefer Obama to 12 per cent preferring McCain. Nearly four in ten do not take a position.

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