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Commonwealth Finance Ministers Meet Tomorrow To Discuss Global Crisis

Neville de Silva Diplomatic Editor Asian Tribune

Finance ministers of the 53-nation Commonwealth begin a crucial two-day meeting tomorrow against the backdrop of the global financial crisis. The economic meltdown threatening several key global players including some in the Commonwealth, will be a priority issue when the ministers meet in St Lucia on October 7 and 8 to decide what collective steps could be taken to halt the slide into a major economic recession that could hurt the poorer and smaller countries of the Commonwealth even more than some of the others.

Canadian Government issues agrement for the Sri Lanka Ambassador designate

At last, Canadian Government have issued agrement for the appointment of Daya Perera PC, (82 years) as Sri Lanka High Commissioner to Canada. Sri Lanka President appointed Daya Perera, a well-known criminal lawyer in December 2007, but the Canadian Government delayed the issuance of the Agrement based on simple technical issues. Daya Perera, a former permanent representative for Sri Lanka to the United Nations in New York, was appointed to replace the previous High Commissioner, W.S. Karunaratne. It is now believed that despite bereavement in the family, he is expected to travel to Canada shortly to take up the new posting.

New ISI Chief no guarantee of change in the spooky outfit

By Chandrahasan - Syndicate Features

Given its tag as the ‘state within state’, any change at the top in Pakistan Army’s Inter-Services Intelligence is a matter of considerable interest to many countries in the world, including the US and Pakistan’s eastern and western neighbours. When this change comes in less than a year of the last appointment the interest is bound to be all the greater because to be effective in carrying out all the dirty work ISI chiefs usually have a much longer tenure.

Fasting-unto-Irrelevance – the abuse of a spiritual weapon

Hemantha Abeywardena writes from London……

The good lord Brahma created most of the things, if not all, in pairs and made sure they are complementary: day and night in atmosphere; good and bad in moral-sphere; man and woman in gender-sphere; fiancé and fiancée in romantic sphere; debt and credit in fiscal sphere, to name but a few. At the southern tip of the great nation, India, He raised Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi in political-sphere, as an extension of the divine consistency and the pair have been living up to that great celestial wish, ever since.

Community Outreach Programme launched in Belgium

An outreach programme has been launched by the Sri Lanka Embassy in Belgium. This is, it is said, in line with President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s vision to engage the Sri Lankan expatriate communities abroad through the network of Embassies. The programme was launched recently at a luncheon held at the official residence of Sri Lankan Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg and the European Union, Ravinatha Aryasinha in Brussels. The main objective of the programme was to re-integrate expatriates with Sri Lanka and to leverage their capabilities to promote Sri Lanka in Belgium & Luxembourg. Approximately 150 people from the different regions of Belgium and Luxembourg, including Sri Lankan students studying in Belgium Universities; representing the Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim & Burgher communities, participated in this event.

Need to refrain from communal politics in India

By Bobby Ramakant

India is reeking under increasing communal polarization and urgent steps to check it are warranted. Between 24 August and 2 October 2008, more than 300 villages in 14 districts of Orissa state were affected by communal violence. 4,300 houses were burnt and 57 people were killed. 2 women were gang-raped. 149 churches and 13 educational institutions were attacked. In Kartnataka state, 19 churches in 4 districts were attacked and 20 women sustained serious injuries. In other states of India, like in Kerala 3 churches were attacked, in Madhya Pradesh 4 churches were attacked, and one church was attacked in Delhi and Tamil Nadu each.

Prof. Paul Goodwin of Bath University to address Sri Lankan CEOs

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

Prof Paul Goodwin is expected to arrive in Sri Lanka towards the end of October to lead two Master-courses for CIMA Sri Lanka Division. Prof Goodwin is a Professor of Management Science at the Management School of University of Bath, United Kingdom. He has s advised organizations including South Western Electricity (UK), Defence, Science and Technology Laboratory (part of the UK's Ministry of Defence), and the UK’s Departments of Health and Work and Pensions on forecasting and decision making. In 2004 he won the MBA Teacher of the Year award at the University of Bath.

Final Assault on Wanni: UNP Delusional and Not Accepting LTTE’s Impending Defeat!

Sunday Discourse by Philip Fernando for Asian Tribune

LTTE Headquarters in Kilinochchi were bombed by the Sri Lankan forces on Thursday. The army was poised to march on the Kilinochchi town within days if not weeks. UNP’s inability to come to terms with the impending victory of Sri Lanka over the Tigers seemed a pathetic exhibition of self-delusional stubbornness, indicative of outright disloyalty to Sri Lanka. Does the UNP secretly believe that the Tigers are about to turn tables on the armed forces? Do they acknowledge that to all intense and purposes, Sri Lankan forces are now in control of the East, Jaffna and a large section of the Wanni at the same time, a remarkable achievement for our forces. UNP has to make a decision-on which side they are-Sri Lanka’s or Tigers’?

Mojimi corporation introduces cloth sanitary pads to Sri Lanka

Asian Tribune: Sri Lanka Bureau

Sri Lankan women will receive smooth and technically developed cotton sanitary pads after facing a number of health issues due to the available disposable sanitary pads. Director of the Momiji Natural Corporation Japan, Mrs.Rie Ito who recently introduced Cotton sanitary pads to local women said disposable sanitary pads make a huge impact on human health. The impact on human health can be illustrated by looking at a small part of the production process of these products. The chlorine that is used to bleach the cotton is toxic to workers and may cause cancer.

Oken Jeet Sandham created history by taking Indian Muaythai in Olympic recognized Games for third time

Indian Muaythai Team under the leadership of Oken Jeet Sandham has created history as his team could represent India in the Olympic recognized Games for the third time. This time, the Indian Muaythai team from the Muaythai Federation of India (MFI) was recognized and approved by the Organizing Committee of 2008 Busan World Sports For All Games under the direct patronage of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), highest sporting body in the world, to represent India.

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