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Another white elephant

By Daya Dissanayake

Elephants are in the news, again. At least it would keep humans from forgetting the sad plight of the elephants around the world. There is a saying in Lanka that the tail of a dog could never be straightened. The tail of the Lankan dog had remained curved for the past 2000 years. So is the mind and character of the elephant owners and users. They will not change. Our elephants have also been tortured for the past 2000 years or more. And it had been the same story in India too. Even king Asoka, with all his good deeds after he became Dharmasoka, would have used elephants for parading, for processions and even for hard labour.

31 Sri Lankans stranded in Malaysia returns

By Munza Mushtaq – Reporting from Colombo for Asian Tribune

Thirty one Sri Lankan who left to Malaysia through a private foreign employment agency returned to the country empty handed. The 31 Sri Lankans which included three women, is reported to have undergone several forms of harassment while been detained in Malaysian detention camps.

Meghalaya govt. undecided on ‘Da Vinci Code’

Raymond R Kharmujai – Asian Tribune

The multi-coalition MDA government is yet to take a final decision on whether to screen of the film version of Dan Browns‘Da Vinci Code’ in Meghalaya. The GAD department, authorized by the Cabinet to take a decision on whether to ban screening of the movie has instructed the Deputy Commissioner of East Khasi Hills district, P.Jain to elicit a general opinion.

Sri Lankan government hopes EU ban will end violence; LTTE condemns it

The Sri Lankan government and the LTTE have responded predictably to the EU ban. The LTTE began condemning it even before the ban was imposed. It threatened to withdraw from the CFA and hinted at waging its Eelam War IV. The Sri Lankan government has responded positively to the EU ban imposed on the LTTE. A communiqué issued by the Presidential Secretariat “hopes that this clear and firm message would provide a fresh impetus and encouragement to the LTTE to think afresh and resume Talks with the assistance of the Norwegian facilitators.”

Indian MuayThai Team led by Oken Jeet Sandham arrives in Bangkok

The Indian MuayThai Team led by Oken Jeet Sandham, President of the MuayThai Federation of India, has arrived in Bangkok on Tuesday to participate the World Amateur MuayThai Championship 2006, which will be inaugurated by the Princess of Thailand, at The Mall Convention Center, here today.Over two thousand participants including officials from 111 countries from around the world will participate this time's biggest World Amateur MuayThai Championship 2006 here, which is expected to attract thousands of spectators daily.

Sri Lanka's electricity board continues to be crippled due to political manipulation

By Munza Mushtaq -- Reporting from Colombo for Asian Tribune

As politics continues to cripple the already crisis ridden Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), a top notch CEB union is going to the extent of taking up this issue with President Mahinda Rajapakse in the coming days, in the fervent hope that he might intervene and put a stop to the current state of affairs at this institution.

Family members waiting for the return of missing ones

Raymond R Kharmujai – Asian Tribune

It’s been years for the family members of Blebot Koch and Motingwell Thongni family members in North East India, who are waiting for the return of their missing ones back homes. Similar to the family members’ of Koch and Thongni, hundred other families are also waiting in their respective homes for the return of the missing ones. None knows the fate of such persons - whether they are even alive, or in what physical and mental condition they are in?

Dulux Paint on child saving path

By Quintus Perera, Asian Tribune

The Dulux Child Protection Fund received further exposure during Vesak when the CIC Banners Paints sponsored “Banners of Hope”, carrying the message “Help An Innocent Child Bloom” which was displayed at prominent locations in Colombo to raise funds and awareness for this worthy cause. Significantly, the banner of hope brought concerned citizens the opportunity not only to donate funds but also to pledge support to the cause by signing on it. When it was displaced at Nuwara Eliya more than 2,500 signatures have been collected at the first event arranged in Nuwara Eliya during the Sinhala New Year/Easter weekend.

Wilpattu Tragedy: Victim remains handed over to families

By Munza Mushtaq – Reporting from Colombo for Asian Tribune

The remains of the seven victims who died on Saturday while touring the Wilpattu National Park has been handed over to their respective families. Three LTTE laid landmines connected together saw a sad end to the lives of six local tourists including a famous local author, and their tour guide. The luxury vehicle carrying the tourists was seen in pieces scattered in many parts of the park, while body pieces of the victims were strewn everywhere.

Crocodile tears for elephants

By Janaka Perera - Asian Tribune

A writer calling himself Daya Dissanayake alleges (as reported recently in the Asian Tribune and the April 4 Daily News) that parading elephants during Sri Lanka’s temple festivals is torture to them. This criticism has been timed to coincide with the 2550th Buddha Jayanthi year. Why is this sudden concern for elephants used in religious festivals? There is something more than what meets the eye here. Why aren’t these bleeding hearts showing the same concern for the suffering of labour intensive bulls, for cattle (including pregnant cows and calves) that are transported and slaughtered under horrifying conditions or for chicken, goats, pigs and stray dogs killed with equal brutality? – Or for caged birds and other wild creatures? Why aren’t these `compassionate humans’ condemning the meat industry?

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