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Big birthday bash for Prabhakaran's daughter in London

Moves are a foot to celebrate the 20th birthday of Duwaraha, the only daughter Velupillai Prabhakaran, in London. Invitations have gone out to VIPs to attend the function. Only selected invitees will receive the invitations. Hush-hush preparations are going on for this event. Her birthday falls on June 04. Her brother Charles Anthony is expected to participate in the lavish birthday party.

Another fuel price hike expected in Sri Lanka

By Ashwin Hemmathagama - Asian Tribune Financial Correspondent

Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (Ceypetco); state owned petroleum giant has recently recommended an increase of retail fuel prices to be inline with the international oil prices. Ceypetco Chairman Jaliya Medagama explaining the possible price hike told the Asian Tribune: “These price increases are recommended according to pricing formula. During the month of April our petrol refining cost was Rs. 100/- per liter which was sold at Rs. 88/-. Diesel refining cost was Rs. 69/- where it was sold at Rs. 58/-. This gives a clear-cut loss for the government. Kerosene, mainly used by factories, is to nearly double to around Rs. 67 per liter from the current Rs. 38 per liter.”

Tokyo conference on Sri Lanka to meet after EU’s ban on the LTTE

Tokyo donor conference on Sri Lanka gains added importance, as it is expected to convene just a day after the proposed ban on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam by the European Union. Extra-importance is added to the co-chairs’ meeting, which is expected to discuss the international political ramifications that may arise in case the 25-member country of the European Union decides to ban the Sri Lanka terrorists outfit on 29 of this month as being widely expected.

Asian states vow to coordinate efforts for social development

By Iqbal Hussain Khan Yousafzai – Reporting from Islamabad

The South Asian countries have agreed to create an Asian Network of the Sub Regional Networks of Social Development Ministers with an objective to coordinate efforts for social development and speed up development activities. It was announced at the end of two-day Forum of Ministers of Social Development from Asia on Saturday held at the Pakistani resort of Bhurban under the auspices of UNESCO.

UK and EU emergency aid to help earthquake-struck Indonesia

By Neville de Silva - Diplomatic Editor Asian Tribune

Britain is to rush emergency aid to Indonesia where over 3000 persons have died and at least 200,000 displaced following the devastating earthquake that struck the island of Java early on Saturday morning. Britain's Minister for International Development Hilary Benn was cited by the news media as saying that the government would send emergency aid but no details were immediately available.

Churches in Meghalaya opposed 'Da Vinci Code'

By Raymond R Kharmujai - Asian Tribune

Church elders of various denomination in the predominantly Christian Meghalaya has opposed screening of the film version of Dan Browns ‘Da Vinci Code’ saying the content is “blasphemous.” "We are against screening of the film ‘Da Vinci Code,’ as the content is blasphemous”, said the Archbishop of the Roman Catholic church, Rev. Dominic Jala and Senior Administrative Secretary KJP Assembly Rev (Dr) J F Jyrwa.

Minister Douglas Devananda exposes LTTE’s chicanery to an international audience in Pakistan

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, Sri Lanka’s separatists’ outfit, has created a state of anarchy in the North-East part of the country. Part of this province is under their de-facto administration. Extortion goes on un-abated. Every single activity is subjected to a levy. Those, including Government officials, who refute their orders, are treated mercilessly. Two Divisional Secretaries were gunned down by them recently for non-obeying. The fear psychoses created by their terror tactics have made the Tamil community voiceless. Government officers are forced to allocate a part of the welfare measures to the LTTE.

Mahinda met Solheim, pledges Govt commitment to peace

By Our Colombo Correspondent

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa discussed the peace process with the visiting Norwegian Peace facilitators and reiterated his government’s desire to resume peace negotiations, now in a standstill as the Tigers refuse to go to Geneva where the two parties were supposed to meet for the second round of talks. International Development Minister Erik Solheim and special envoy Jon Hanssen Bauer met yesterday morning President Rajapaksa accompanied by a top-level government delegation which included Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera, Secretary of Defence Gothabaya Rajapakse, and Secretary General Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace process, Palitha Kohanna and Secretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Palihakkara.

LTTE pistol group shot and killed Deputy Director of Irrigation, Batticalao

Navaratnarajah of Deputy Director of Irrigation was killed yesterday afternoon by pistol wielding suspected gunmen of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. He was killed in front of his official quarters near the Kalliyankadu Railway Station, North of Batticaloa, when LTTE pistol fire struck him.

Pak-Afghan friendship bus service formally launched

By Iqbal Hussain Khan Yousafzai – Reporting from Islamabad

Pak-Afghan friendship bus service was formally launched on Friday with the departure of first bus carrying 22 passengers from Peshawar to Jalalabad. Minister of Transport in the North-West Frontier Province Akhtar Nawaz Khan bid farewell to the passengers traveling from Pakistan to Afghanistan.

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