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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 76


Seven Army men confirmed killed in the Kollupitiya explosion

Latest reports confirmed that Seven Army soldiers were killed and another 10 were critically injured after a heavy bomb explosion occurred at Kollupitiya around 13.15 hrs in local time. According to the sources this blast was heard and thick smoke were seen in the Flower Road area. The explosion came as security forces remained on maximum alert for possible bomb attacks by Tamil Tiger rebels amid fierce fighting in the Jaffna peninsula.

Bomb exploded in Colombo – seven suspected to be killed

A bomb explosion took place at Kollupitiya at 1.15 p.m today - Monday the 14th of August. The explosion occurred near the Liberty Plaza shopping complex at Kollupitiya. According to unconfirmed reports seven people are suspected to be killed including a few army personnel.Unconfirmed sources further reported that suspected LTTE militants have targeted Army personnel, innocent civilians and some diplomats in Colombo.

LTTE embarrassed by its offer to talk with the Government

Statement by the SLMM Chief Ulf Henricsson to the Head of the Peace Secretariat in Colombo Dr. Palitha Kohona which revealed that the LTTE is keen on having talks with Sri Lankan Government has embarrassed the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. S.Puleedevan, Head of the LTTE Peace Secretariat has rushed to deny this. In a press release issued yesterday by Puleedevan says, "Colombo's claim of talks offer false." He further added, "There is absolutely no truth in these reports. Colombo is adamant in finding a military solution and we are defending to safeguard our people and territory."

Fragile truce comes into force in West Asia

By M Rama Rao - Reporting from New Delhi

US backed and UN- brokered 'new' ceasefire comes into force from Monday morning in West Asia but questions are already appearing on its effectiveness. This is for two reasons. First Israel cabinet accepted the ceasefire under American pressure for a compromise but has not given up its goal of subduing Hezabollah. Second since Saturday when it became clear that ceasefire was round the corner, Israeli army has moved deeper into Lebanon to try to capture all territory south of the Litani River. Also relevant in this context are the questions: how far does Israel go and what is Hezbollah's response going to be?

LTTE Killing of Kethes Loganathan condemned

KethesPresident Mahinda Rajapakse, Government and the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission have condemned the brutal assassination of Ketheswaran Loganathan (54), Deputy Secretary General of the Peace Secretariat on 12 August at his residence in Colombo. Sri Lanka’s President condemned the killing, and pointed out "LTTE's continued trend of killing Tamil intellectuals should be brought to the attention of the international community". He expressed his grave concern over the killing of Sri Lanka's Peace Secretariat Deputy Ketheswaran Loganathan

Pussellawa plantation and PHDT construct a crematorium in Pussellawa

Sunil C. Perera - Reporting from Pussellawa

The Plantation Human Development Trust [PHDT] has just completed constructing its first ever crematorium in Beaumont Estate, Pussellawa with assistance of Pussellawa Plantation Company Ltd. The PHDT's Director General Col.Ranjith Ellegala said that crematorium was built by them to serve area people and the estate workers.

Vigilant civilians’ timely information led to the seizure of LTTE’s lorry loaded with lethal weapons

The police found a lorry loaded with a claymore bombs along with many other weapons from Mabola - Wattala area yesterday evening 13th August). The police sources said that the lorry was found as per the details disclosed by LTTE militants who had been arrested on the same afternoon. According to a news report by the Sri Lanka Defense Ministrty, the two suspects were arrested on Sunday afternoon as the civilian sources informed presence of two suspected persons in the area.

Kethesh Loganathan, Deputy Head of Peace Secretariat, the latest of victim of LTTE

Ketheshwaran Loganathan, Deputy Secretary General of Sri Lanka Government's Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process (SCOPP), was "assassinated by LTTE gunmen" in Colombo at 9:30 p.m. last night (Saturday, August 12, 2006), according to analysts who had studied the pattern of LTTE targeting leading Tamils engaged in the democratic stream. Police said that the gunmen called for him at the entrance to his house in the suburb of Dehiwela and shot him twice in the head. He succumbed to the gun shot injuries on his way to the hospital.

Kethes Loganthan shot and killed

A group of unidentified pistol men shot and killed Kethes Loganthan (54), Deputy Secretary General of Sri Lanka Government's Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process (SCOPP), and a former member of EPRLF at about 9.30 p.m. inside his resident at Dehiwala, Colombo. According to a police report, the assassins have come in a van and shot at Ketheshwaran. Ketheshwaran received serious gunshot wounds and died on the way to Kalubowila Hospital.

Both sides claim victories in Jaffna

Conflicting reports have clouded Jaffna scene with both sides claiming victories. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam’s websites says that they have broken through checkpoints in Muhamalai and are advancing in A – 9 road. Defense Ministry spokesman said this is a psychological warfare launched by the LTTE. According to defense spokesman their offensive has killed over 100 rebels. At the Forward Defense lines Muhamalai 30-35 LTTE cadres were killed and some bodies were lying on the road.

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