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Sunday Celebrity

Govt won’t file case against Arundhati, Geelani

The government on Thursday decided not to file any case against hardline Kashmiri separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani and activist Arundhati Roy for purportedly giving "hate speeches" at a seminar held in New Delhi last week.

Sunday Celebrity: Dr. Irai Anbu IAS eyes on youngsters’ scaling high

Tourism is the largest service industry in India with more than 5 million annual foreign tourist arrivals and 562 million domestic tourism visits. While the Ministry of Tourism, the nodal agency for the development and promotion of tourism in India, calls its campaign the "Incredible India", Tamil Nadu which is the third most visited state in India by foreign tourists, with more than 2 million foreign tourists arrivals annually, calls it “Enchanting Tamilnadu”.

Sunday Celebrity: Dr. Murugesa Boopathi, a protagonist of Bt brinjal

Brinjal originated from India. There are more than 1200 naturally evolved varieties of brinjal around the globe. The Genetically-modified Brinjal, called Bt Brinjal that was brought out for high yields, is in the thick of controversy.

Sunday Celebrity: Sandalwood scientist Anantha Padmanabhan works for 'royal tree' restoration

Sandalwood, the most popular fragrant wood, which is mainly used for the essential oils it contains, is currently a threatened species and consequently very expensive. Indian sandalwood, known scientifically Santalum, indigenous to South India, and growing in the Western Ghats and a few other mountain ranges like the Kalrayan and Shevaroyan Hills, was believed to be difficult to cultivate in the nursery and raise as plantation. It has to come up on its own.

Sunday Celebrity: ‘Vietnam Veedu’ Sundaram’s thinking beyond tomorrow makes him batting still

Fifty years into writing, he still wielding his pen, plus he has started acting too. Basically a dramatist, he has sailed through times and survived the generation change. While many writers fell for the generation gap, this noted writer-director Vietnam Veedu Sundaram adapted himself to the changed times.

Sunday Celebrity: N. Vaseekaran is active as social activist; as a party president his cudgel is up

Journalist turned Social Activist and political leader is N. Vaseekaran. He is doing useful service to the society with a difference, holds dynamic views and ideas. He has taken up cudgel to cleanse the society, creating awareness and rooting out evils. And so Asian Tribune has selected him for this week’s ‘Sunday Celebrity.”

Sri Lanka President is to appoint five more ministers

In the wake of last Friday’s swearing in of Cabinet Ministers and Deputy Ministers, President Mahinda Rajapaksa is expected to appoint five more ministers to his cabinet, sources confirmed to Asian Tribune.

Sunday Celebrity: Art Director Thota Tharrani has penchant for doing something new in every film

The replica of the ‘Madurai Meenakshi temple’ set in the Telugu film “Arjun”; the amazing glass set for the song 'Sahana' in “Sivaji, the Boss”; the creation of a realistic set of the Dharavi slums for the film “Nayagan” or the colourful transparent bus of “Kaadhalan”; the mythological Indralok created for “Indralokathil Naa Alagappan”, the grandeur of the sets for “Thiruda Thiruda” or “Mudalvan”, the Babylonian-inspired backdrop for the song ‘Vaji Vaji’ and many more added to the flavour, realism to films.

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