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United Kingdom

Fracking: Britain’s ambition to become Saudi Arabia of Natural Gas

Ed Davy, the British Energy Secretary, announced this week that he was giving the green light for the exploration of the deposits of shale gas in Britain, ending an 18-month-long moratorium while triggering off an intense excitement among those who support the move and an alarm within the Green lobby simultaneously – not necessarily in equal measures.

He is back! : Berlusconi to run for the fourth term as premier in Italy

“I am running to win,” said Silvio Berlusconi, the former Italian Prime Minister, who was forced to resign after becoming the most notable focal point of the critical state of the Italian economy last year, during a visit to AC Milan Soccer training centre on Saturday. Beaming with confidence while being surrounded by scores of supporters, Mr Berlusconi’s body language implied he meant ‘business’ with the declaration - the very thing Italy needs to shore up its coffers after seeing a technocrat at the helm for over a year.

Global Economic Outlook 2013: grim statistics smudge the growth line

The OECD, the Organization for European Economic Co-operation and Development, confirmed what we have been sensing for many months – just by scanning the small world around us: the global economic outlook for 2013 looks pretty grim.

Pigeon Coding: a challenge for code-breakers

The findings of a dead member of the National Pigeon Service of the Royal Air Force - a unit of 250,000 trained pigeons during the Second World War as messengers – which was found stuck inside a chimney in a home in Surrey by the owner of the house while he was renovating the fireplace, is reviving the interest in the ingenious communication technique worldwide.

Escalating Patent Wars: Is truth still the first casualty?

Once again, the stage is set for Apple and Samsung to lock their horns in the patent arena, much to the befuddlement of respective fans - and haters - of the two companies alike.

The fall of a hero at Apple: Scott Forstall

Apple, the most valuable company in the world at present, proved beyond any doubt the rationality of the cliché that every dark cloud, indeed, has a silver lining, by announcing a very significant news item, when the storm clouds of Hurricane Sandy were menacingly hovering over the east coast of the motherland, the US, just before making landfall on Monday.

A Perfect Storm to Sweep Apple: Scott Forstall to leave the company

As the eastern seaboard of America braces for Hurricane Sandy, the deadliest storm to hit the country in recent times, by strange coincidence, its technological equivalent is churning in the collective soul at the most valuable company in the country – Apple.

Tech Giants in Trouble: Google Woes Continue Unabated

“All good things in nature are wild and free,” said Henry David Thoreau, the 19th century American philosopher and renowned writer, while shunning modest luxury in favor of living close to nature. The breathtakingly-beautiful sunshine in the morning, fresh air that we breathe in, dancing dew drops along glass blades and the inexplicable tickles induced by fragrant air currents were singled out to make his point by the hermetic poet, almost 200 years ago - when the very information could only be delivered either by word of mouth or through an expensive form of written material at that time.

Naked Rambler of Britain

Imagine a Royal Marine commando, a member of one of the most elite military units in the world, in full combat suit: muscular, 6-foot tall, cheerful individual on one single mission – to scare a potential adversary to death by sheer presence. Now, visualize the same individual without a stitch on him - the very spectacle, according to the law enforcement authorities in Scotland that should not be in the public domain in any part of Britain.

Remembering the Wizard of Apple: Steve Jobs

Almost one year has elapsed since Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, the world’s most valuable company, made the transition to the spirit realm while leaving a gaping hole in the world of technology.

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