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Apple, Exxon Mobil and the Seesaw of Inconvenience

Apple, which used to eclipse the other major technological companies in a relatively short period, suddenly found itself in the shadow of its nearest rival in market share – ExxonMobil, the oil giant. With the share value on an alarmingly-steep downward spiral, Apple is fast losing both its influence and cachet in the absence of a trace of innovative ideas, which the company had been renowned for, under the late visionary Steve Jobs.

Apple, Exxon Mobil and the Seesaw of Inconvenience
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The Bereavement of British High Street

The loss of one high street chain, when the nation is about to face the dreaded triple-dip recession, is very painful, if you think about the men and women who used to make a living by working for It, suddenly find themselves at the gates of a dark tunnel with no light in sight. So, it goes without saying, the loss of three of them in a week is truly catastrophic, no matter which economic yardstick that you use to measure the collective impact of it on the very core of the society.

The Bereavement of British High Street
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Has Global Warming Stalled? – Hockey Stick has met a sticky puck!

The global warming debate, which has been lying dormant in recent months with rapidly dwindling support, was rekindled again this week in the journalistic realm, thanks to a report published by the British Met Office on Christmas Eve last year. Had it not been for the anxiety loomed over the ‘End the of the World’ event, in all probability, it could have dampened the festive spirit of the folks beyond repair, who had been very emotional supporters of the immensely-controversial phenomenon.

Google Gets Away with Anti-trust Charge – for now!

Google, the most popular search engine on the planet, managed to walk away with a slap on the wrist, when the Federal Trade Commission – FTC – in the United States ruled on Thursday that the former did not manipulate the search results while harming the consumers.

Silvio Lining in Veronica’s dark cloud - Berlusconi Ordered to Pay $14,000 a day to his ex-wife

Veronica Lario, 56, the long-enduring wife of Silvio Berlusconi, the ex-Italian Prime Minister, was awarded over $10,000 a day by a court in Italy as a part of divorce settlement on Christmas Day, when for an ordinary Italian even $1000 a day is just a dream in economically-challenging times.

Ramanujan @125 – mathematical genius who caught glimpses of heaven

Google, being true to its recent tradition, marked the 125th birth anniversary of Srnivasa Ramanujan, the South Indian mathematician, with a doodle depicting his unique invaluable contributions to the field of mathematics on Saturday. The move resurrected the extraordinary story of a young man who effortlessly defied a catalogue of 20th century obstacles to leave his indelible footprints along the beach of time.

Fracking: Britain’s ambition to become Saudi Arabia of Natural Gas

Ed Davy, the British Energy Secretary, announced this week that he was giving the green light for the exploration of the deposits of shale gas in Britain, ending an 18-month-long moratorium while triggering off an intense excitement among those who support the move and an alarm within the Green lobby simultaneously – not necessarily in equal measures.

He is back! : Berlusconi to run for the fourth term as premier in Italy

“I am running to win,” said Silvio Berlusconi, the former Italian Prime Minister, who was forced to resign after becoming the most notable focal point of the critical state of the Italian economy last year, during a visit to AC Milan Soccer training centre on Saturday. Beaming with confidence while being surrounded by scores of supporters, Mr Berlusconi’s body language implied he meant ‘business’ with the declaration - the very thing Italy needs to shore up its coffers after seeing a technocrat at the helm for over a year.

Global Economic Outlook 2013: grim statistics smudge the growth line

The OECD, the Organization for European Economic Co-operation and Development, confirmed what we have been sensing for many months – just by scanning the small world around us: the global economic outlook for 2013 looks pretty grim.

Pigeon Coding: a challenge for code-breakers

The findings of a dead member of the National Pigeon Service of the Royal Air Force - a unit of 250,000 trained pigeons during the Second World War as messengers – which was found stuck inside a chimney in a home in Surrey by the owner of the house while he was renovating the fireplace, is reviving the interest in the ingenious communication technique worldwide.

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