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United Kingdom

Honour Killings in Britain: Calculated murders with no honour

The trial of the gruesome murder of Shafilea Ahmed, the British girl of Pakistani origin, by her own parents in so-called ‘honour-killing’, which ended on Friday with both parents being convicted and jailed for life, reinvigorated the debate on the vile practice on the British soil – and in the 21st century.

Rapidly Fluctuating Fortunes of Technological Giants

We witnessed quite a few disturbing movements in the world of technology this week, which cannot be just brushed aside as little storms in a teacup. Since all of them stemmed from the ‘big guys’ in the realm, the tectonic plates so to speak, the vibrations, understandably, were on a seismic scale indeed, much to the dismay of industry watchers.

Bob Diamond of Barclays: lightning rod for British Banking Crisis?

Bob Diamond, the ex-CEO who resigned from Barclays Bank, the world’s fourth largest bank, three weeks ago, is facing British MPs again – perhaps, on Monday - for further questioning about who knew what in the Libor scandal that is swamping the entire banking sector.

Higgs boson: statistical life-line for an elusive particle

The news about the’ discovery’ of a particle that resembles Higgs boson or so-called God particle by CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, stirred up immense excitement in the scientific community this week, which in turn developed into a world-wide frenzy, when the media glorified the event while mischievously shadowing a multitude of depressing news from both political and economic realms.

Battle for Supremacy by Tablets: Is Apple’s dominance under threat?

At last, both Microsoft and Google entered tablet fray this week, with subdued fanfare, though, when least expected: Microsoft, the software giant which has been scoffing at the emergence of tablets at the expense of personal computers for about two years, suddenly came up with a tablet called Surface.

Julian Assange: the Rise and Tumble of a Moral Tsar

Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, who is currently holed up in Ecuadorian Embassy in London, appears to be struggling where to fix the centre of gravity in the caricature built around the mirror image of his soul by the relatively-hostile main-stream media.

Staring into Fiscal Abyss – the European way

The Greeks are going to the polls today and the world – countries within Europe and beyond - is awaiting its outcome with nail-biting patience. The stakes cannot be any higher for Greece, eurozone and of course, the entire world, as no country in the globalized village is immune from the seismic shocks that could potentially stem from the crisis zone in the next few weeks, regardless of the position in terms of its political, geographical or economical association with the epicentre of the crisis, Greece.

Einstein Triumphs; CERN Retracts – nothing travels faster than light, after all

In September last year, all of a sudden, the world of physics appeared to have turned upside down around the axis of one headline: ‘neutrinos travel faster than light – claim scientists at CERN,’ excited a significant global audience regardless of the intellectual level of its members, while the team who made the claim sensed the short-cut to stardom was just a whisker away.

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