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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 82

Controversy over Guruvayur temple entry and Sri Lanka's Firs

[b]Controversy over Guruvayur temple entry and Sri Lanka's First Lady.[/b]

Colombo, 16 January, ( Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapakse’s four day official visit to India has plagued him with too many controversies. The latest in the series was the entry into the Guruvayur Lord Krishna Temple’s holy sanctum by Sri Lanka’s First Lady - Shiranthi Rajapakse.

It all started with the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister maverick Jayalalithaa subtly putting off a request of the Sri Lanka President for an appointment on the last leg of his visit to India.

The first official visit of the President of Sri Lanka was handled by the ‘President’s Men,’ so shabbily. It is now reliably learnt that the new Sri Lanka President is surrounded by a - Rooky galore.

These greenhorns continue to land the President into unnecessary controversies and the latest was the Guruvayur Lord Krishna Temple fiasco, where the First Lady Shrianthi Rajapakse has been unnecessarily dragged into an embarrassing controversy, because due to the inexperience of President’s men.

Kerala state protocol officer said there was no room for a controversy over the issue as it had been ascertained from Colombo that Rajapakse's wife is a Buddhist. – Who was responsible for this report confirming President’s wife as a Buddhist, when she is a practicing Roman Catholic Christian?

How this misunderstanding cropped up? It should not be simply glossed over, but has to be thoroughly investigated.

It all happened on 30 December, 2005, when Sri Lanka President with his wife Shiranthi Rajapakse, accompanied by a 72-member delegation flew in a special Indian Airlines flight from New Delhi to the Cochin International airport at 2.40 PM.

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