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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 78

Is the corrupt "civil society" fit to represent th

[b]Few little Monkeys Jumping on the bed….[/b]

The WAPS conference the theme and what exactly presented remainds me the nursery rhme three little monkeys jumping on the bed. I thought I can add more to this and present and asnwer to Mr. HLD Mahindapala for his hawkish report.

The term Extremist has the following meaning “a person who holds extreme views, especially one who advocates such views; a radical or fanatic”. A person can be right wing extremist or left wing extremist. Generally the person in the middle doesn’t fit in this criteria. Lets look at the panel who were in the WAPS.

[b]Stewart Bell[/b] of the National Post: Every Tamil in Canada Know who he is. Even the ardent Anti-LTTEers know him very well that he try to portray the Tamils as all supportive of Terrorist. He prevails from the prairies of Canada and he caters to the right wing extremists. The National Post is well known paper for the right wing views and hence the Extreme view towards the right. In his book “Cold Terror”, he held1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan responsible for designing the current international terrorism but [b]cleverly shielded the USA as it was the more than responsible by the account of former director of the CIA, Robert Gates as stated in his memoirs[/b] (From the Shadows) that American intelligence services began to aid the Mujahidin in Afghanistan six months before the Soviet intervention. It is very imperative that who his masters are and who (audience) he is pleasing. Can he point out or accept that the birth of Tamil Extremist (in his term Tamil Terrorist) is a product of GoSL’s failed national policy?

[b]Falk Rovik[/b] has every reason to fight the Norwegian Government as he was [b]convicted[/b] by them for murdering an Immigrant restaurant owner. Do I have to go in detail about this?

[b] Susantha Goonetilleke[/b]. I do not have to go into detail about the [b]affiliation between him and JVP in 1987-1990 [/b]period as it is open secret. Besides, his wife Hema Goonatillake was the secretary of the University Teachers for Human Rights (UTHR) a Front organization of the JVP and where this organization was affiliated to four other JVP bodies – National Students Centre, National Workers Action Centre, Patriotic Peoples Armed Troops and the Patriotic Peoples Movement. This speaks volumes of who he is and what extreme his policy goes.

[b]Paul Harris:[/b] He will do every thing to discredit the peace process as he was about to be granted as [b]Persona non grata [/b]though he is not a diplomat.. These are his words again speaks volumes why he is so interested in Srilankan politics for a quick fix and how much he understands about the Island history. “Over the years, I've been to Sri Lanka fifteen or sixteen times. I am now a Sri Lankan resident and, indeed, am planning to stay here, build a house, invest money and start businesses here. I've decided to set myself down here - rather than in any of the other 81 countries I've been to for a variety of reasons, which I don't have time to go into here. But one of those reasons has to be that this is the most fascinating country in the world. [b]The more I learn about it, the more I realise how little I actually know [/b]or understand.

The name WAPS sounds intriguing to me but in essence it is an eggshell without substance. May be you could change the meaning to match Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu’s center for policy alternative as [b]Working Alternative Policy for Sinhala governments [/b](I didn’t mean to include Majority Sinhala people but the government which is Sinhala Majority) The theme of your conference was Protect the Unitary Status, Sovereignty and the Territorial Integrity of Sri Lanka. Expose racist, inflammatory, and divisive concepts spread by the Tamil Tiger Terrorists such as ‘traditional homeland and the right to self determination’

Before going into further details I will refrain from using the derogatory terminology but I would like to use the same frequency as you always use the medical terminology to undermine your opponents. You have said that “Peace can be best served if these castrated pundits are confined to where they belong: their own holes of moral cowardice and incompetence”. The moderator once reminded me that you are a septuagenarian with 55y of Journalism. What I see in you is the senility sets in with some sort of dementia (could be multi infarct or Alzheimer’s). When dementia sets in, human being is regress to their young and starts loosing recent memories and keeps only the remote memories. It appears that your actions, writings and tone reminds me that you have been living in your teens and twenties period where there was only one concept in the Island. The Unitary state. You failed to see that the government in the Island was a Unitary government since 1948 and failed to provide any meaningful solutions to the minority rights since you have forgotten the recent history as senility sets in you. If medical science ever to find a cure (not to halt) for the dementia, you will need one very strongly. [b]Until then peace not assured with likes of you[/b].

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