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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 78

Court action sought for assistance of released TRO members f

[b]Court action sought for assistance of released TRO members for police inquiry [/b]

From our Colombo Correspondent.

[b]Colombo, 10 February, ([/b] Sri Lanka's Government on Thursday blamed the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization for not extending their support to identify the so-called abductors involved in the alleged abduction case of TRO members and has sought the Court assistance by way of ‘B' report to compel the released TRO members to come forward for conducting the Police inquiry.

"We want their cooperation to ascertain whether there is an abduction as alleged by the TRO and if so identify those who are responsible", Cabinet Spokesman and Media Minister Anura Priyadarshan Yapa told the weekly Cabinet press briefing in Colombo.

The Government right from the beginning had expressed suspicion over the complaint lodged by the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization since there were contradictory reports and statement from both the LTTE and the TRO.

Police has received information some of the members allegedly abducted as claimed by the TRO are now with their family members and some of them are now in LTTE controlled areas in the North and East.

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