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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 78

Court steps in to salvage Nepal’s independent media

[b]Court steps in to salvage Nepal’s independent media[/b]

[b]Kathmandu, 26 October, ([/b] Nepal’s Supreme Court issued a show cause notice to the government on yesterday, seeking written explanation with regards to the extremely restrictive media ordinance announced by the government in early October and the mid-night raid by government officials aided by armed policemen on a private FM station, Kantipur FM, on Oct. 21.

The show cause notice has come in response to writ petitions filed by nine professional organizations and the FM station on Oct. 23. The former had filed a petition seeking annulment of the ordinance while the latter had filed a petition to ask the government to return the transmission equipment seized during the raid.

The Kathmandu Post reported Chief Justice Dilip Kumar Poudel as saying in the court chamber, “Rest assured. The government will not take action against FMs. And if the government takes any such actions, come to court.”

Poudel appears to have said so in response to fears expressed by FM workers after the government warning to them. On Oct. 21, the government had summoned representatives from several FM stations in Kathmandu and had warned of strict action if the ordinance was not adhered to or if FM stations continue news broadcasts.

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