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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 72

Criticizing peace effort (In Sri Lanka) is just trendy.

[b]Criticizing peace effort (In Sri Lanka) is just trendy.[/b]

The article written by Mahinda Weerasinghe of the so called World Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka (WAPs), which appeared in the Ny Tid (New Times) a Norwegian language weekly, was sharply criticized as badly documented with crassly employed langue. It was further pointed out that the article showed in a lack of insight concerning diplomatic and political relations in general and, worse, it contributes less in constructive ideas and methods that would strengthen peace effort of Norway.

In response to Mahinda Weerasinghe's article "UD Funding of Terrorists Cannot Bring Peace to the World," Lodve A.Svare wrote, "Criticizing Peace Effort (In Sri Lanka) is just Trendy," which appeared in the New Tid issue dated 10 February."

The full text of the article written by Lodve A.Svare in the New Tid issue dated 10 February which was a response to the article of Mahinda Weerasinghe dated 27 January is given below (unofficial translation):

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